I Then Screamed With All the Force I Could Mustard

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Why Do You Put Tomatoes in Your Cereal?

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Here's How to Turn Your Ketchup Bottles Into Bombs

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Created by anselmbe

Ketchup Crazy

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Created by daniyaldude

Lief Pr0 Tip


Mom Logic

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Created by TheDiamondMiner

Pikachu Wants Your Ketchup

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Fancy That

fancy sick truth sad but true ketchup web comics - 8301020672
Created by rawfishandbeer ( Via Mandatory Rollercoaster )

Forgot to Shake It

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Created by Unknown

Or Three...

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Created by death_by_rage

Ketchup, Why You Gotta Do That Man!

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Created by killergrapefruits

And He Gets Mad When I Use More Than "My Half" of the Milk!

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Hot Dog Prepares For Their Final Day

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Americana Ketchup Lies!

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Created by sami_TG

Fusion Food is Going Too Far

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