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Weekly Internet Roundup: Kevin James, Girl Math, and Britney's Knives

Also, TJ Mack goes global.
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People Discuss Their Least Favorite Foods That Most People Like

Nobody can like every food. Even if you pride yourself on not being picky, you probably have at least one food, even a popular food, that you don't like. For me, it's French Onion Soup. As someone who likes onions, soup, and cheesy bread, you'd think I'd enjoy this meal, but I don't. I don't like that there's a bunch of bread in my soup, and I don't like that I have to break through it to get to the soup part. I'm so sorry French people , but I must speak my truth. This stuff is nasty, and I'm…
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Condiment-Based Neighborly Feud Starts War On Ketchup And Brand Snobs

That escalated quickly
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Caption that reads, "'How broke are you?' Me: ..." above a pic of a plate of rice shaped like a chicken drumstick next to some ketchup
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Great Tip!

Caption that reads, "Don't have a bookmark? Try using ketchup instead" above a pic of ketchup in a book
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The Horror

Funny meme about putting ketchup on pasta.
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Funny meme about calling the cops on someone for putting ketchup on their macaroni and cheese.
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Funny meme about ketchup water.
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Great Idea!

trolling books ketchup - 8998919424
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Real Recipe or Cruel Prank?

cake gross ketchup image - 8817906688
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Dire Times, Desperate Measures

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Calm Down, Satan!

pranks soda ketchup Calm Down, Satan!
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gif of cat flying out of ketchup bottle
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Your Dreams Can Catch Up To You

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Condiment Conundrum

mustard ketchup - 8572291328
Created by frmjewduhh

My Bad

coworkers ketchup - 8569052928
Created by anselmbe
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