I Hate Squishy Fries

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The One Thing Robots Can't Quite Do

best of week gifs ketchup robots sad but true science technology - 5554019584
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What Does the Scouter Say About Their Ketchup Level

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That Took the Whole Half Hour!

Dragon Ball Z ketchup over 9000 super saiyan the internets - 5324750848
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Come On, Ketchup

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I Don't Cook

diet food ketchup Pie Chart - 5130274816
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Since When Is Snow a Condiment?

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Success Kid: Waitress Brings You More

food fries ketchup pants stain success kid - 4998818304
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No Mess, Eh?

FAIL ketchup Sad - 4970047488
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Lame Pun Coon Eats Potatoes Without Tomatoes

eating fast fries ketchup Lame Pun Coon potato puns tomato - 4952179200
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Y U No Shake Before You Pour!?!?

farting fries ketchup shake Y U No Guy - 4941306368
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You Gotta Put Your Game Face (Dij)On!

homophone ketchup literalism similar sounding - 4712364032
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It's a Fap

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advertisement ketchup women - 4557144064
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