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Woman Gets Called Out For Complaining About Pizza Hut Employee Eating

Not cool
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Innocent Kid Reacts Perfectly to Angry Karen Ranting at Fast Food Worker

By now, we're all pretty used to entitled karens who live to make other people's lives harder. But little kids have a much simpler experience of the world and aren't yet equipped to understand what motivates karens to be so conspicuously unpleasant. Tiktoker @scottyhubs caught his daughter's reaction to her 'first karen' and it's pretty priceless. The video is only ten seconds long, but it's a wonderful juxtaposition of the sweet innocence of a child and the rage that so many adults carry around
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20+ Facepalm-Filled Moments From the Stupid Side of Humanity

I often wonder if social media is making people stupider or if it's just exposing the stupidity that was there all along. I'm inclined to believe the latter is true, but one thing is for sure—Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram aren't raising any IQs. And this isn't to say that I'm better than anyone else. On the contrary—I've posted some very dumb takes in my lifetime. Some of the dumbest. That's why I feel entitled speak bluntly on the matter. Humans may be the most intelligent species on the pla
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Sassy Karen Wins Hearts With Savage Takedown Of Trespasser

What are those?
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murdered by words, owned, witty comebacks, stupid people, smart people, roasts, funny, memes, funny tweets, twitter, facebook, covid-19, covid-19 vaccine, anti-vaxxers, karen | thankfully 's been taken off streets doing God's work mate lost an ancestor sword just like 13th century | Marc Bernardin O @marcbernardin Diabetes? McDonald's O @McDonalds 3d ok fine secret Santa guess got Show this thread

22 Epic Times People Won With Their Words

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Guy Does Impeccable Impression of Karen, Sparks Mixed Reactions

Spot on
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Ex-service industry tell all on TikTok about toxic work places

"Customers Suck, but it's Exponentially Worse When It's Your Boss:" TikTok Reveals Toxic Workplaces Within the Service Industry and Sparks Controversy

Imagine if Karen was your boss.
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customer service, retail, retail hell, retail workers, yikes, cringe, customers, stupid people, facepalm, reddit, karen, jobs, holidays, black friday | 10k Damages Over 10 Cent Overcharge Medium This happened few years ago working at large upscale beauty supply Wigs/ Weaves/etc Our register bit old fashioned so had punch some items by hand. Usually not big deal, but definitely left some room human error. One day woman came and my coworker pressed wrong button and overcharged her by 10cents

Retail Warriors Share Seriously Nightmarish Customer Stories

Remember to be kind to workers
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Man Who Rescued Puppy From Crazy Karen Shares Update One Year Later

'She threw the dog into a better life'
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Karen Throws Tantrum After Publix Cashier Doesn't Hold Her Place in Line

'I have to stay in line all over again?'
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Karen Gets Burned for Unhinged 'Human Trafficking' Accusations

Normalize dads holding hands with their daughters
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Neighbor Upsets Grinchy Homeowners Association With Early Christmas Decorations

Who knew Christmas lights could be so controversial
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Fearsome Karen Stuns Customers By Launching Tirade Against Overworked Server

With its long hours and temperamental pay, working in hospitality is not the easiest job at the best of times. Working in the middle of a pandemic has only made it that much harder. When you don’t work in this kind of environment, it’s easy to be oblivious to the worst of these working conditions . One customer received an unwelcome shock when they witnessed their stressed out server bear the full force of a rant by an angry café Karen. @kkillen My first wild Karen ##karen ##waitress ##okaykare…
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Karen gets called out for lying about experience at bar cowshed hucknall, owners call her out for bullshit, she gets banned | Cowshed at Hucknall COWSHED 1 d Hi Jo, thanks reaching out love feedback, whether be positive or negative especially love feedback like this so others can see type people have deal with sometimes. First all ll address 700 and party claim have spent now both know this isn't true don't Jo s not even remotely accurate as spent, but l'll crunch numbers Our most expensive

UK Restaurant Artfully Puts Lying Karen In Her Place

Nice try, Karen.
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Arby’s Drive Thru Karen Throws Tantrum Over Order She Hasn’t Even Received Yet

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Bridezilla Goes On Unhinged Rant When Friends And Family Won’t Fund Her Wedding

Who expects that kind of money?
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