Funny and cringey video of a female police officer crying over her McDonald's order at the drive-thru

Karen Cop Gives Cringey Speech In McDonald's Drive-Thru

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Funny video of a woman getting angry in a Pier 1 Imports store and coughing on the woman filming the video

Total Karen Coughs On Woman And Makes A Scene At Pier 1 Imports

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Get Over It Karen

Funny meme featuring Patrick Star from Spongebob about Karens not wanting to wear face masks during the coronavirus pandemic | Doctors wearing facemasks for 10 hours Karens wearing facemasks for 5 minutes
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Funny memes about 'Karens,' or people who are routinely rude to customer service employees | Bernie Sanders Fast food employee makes slight mistake Karen I am once again asking manager | Karen: My child is perfectly healthy Her child: fat penguin

Karen Memes That Will Terrify Anyone In Customer Service

Watch out, managers.
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Darth Karen

Funny meme using a karen on the head of darth maul, funny memes, dank memes, karens | I have it to stay but in a takeaway cup
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Crazy Karen has meltdown about wearing masks to prevent coronavirus on Facebook live | shrimp binch @shrimpbinch ma'am cannot speak coronavirus's manager is physically impossible 3:38 PM 5/20/20 Twitter iPhone >

Hysterical Karen Has Mask Meltdown On Facebook Live

Hope she makes it through this.
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Funny video of a woman interrupting a street performance

Stubborn Karen Ruins Everyone's Day During A Street Performance

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Funny Twitter story about people waiting in line on Mother's Day at Olive Garden | Kevin Horne @KevinHornePSU am about witness full on riot at Cranberry, Pennsylvania Olive Garden. Suburban Karens with husbands who are CFOs mid-size floor tile companies vs staff, which is 90-120 minutes behind order time. Will report back.

Guy Witnesses Full-On Karen Panic At Olive Garden On Mother's Day

Can Karens calm the eff down for five minutes?
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Crazy tweet comparing the word karen to the n-word, slurs, manager, john mulaney, viral tweets | EmillySwaven @EmillySwaven Yes K-word is stronger than n-word, at least currently. Misogyny and patriarchy has been around longer than slavery. Just don't use either, ok? dear millenials: Stop saying Karen "Karen" is sexist and racist term equivalent n-word white women. Calling woman "Karen" is an attempt get rid women's right stand up themselves. 4:02 PM 4/19/20 Twitter iPhone |  Kyle e @KylePlantEm

Heinous Tweet Claims 'Karen' Is A Slur, Enrages Twitter

Enough already.
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Funny Facebook messages between a "Karen" and the admin of a Facebook group that makes fun of "Karens" | Karen O on mobile Hello, my name is Karen messaging today due new trend going around referring demeaning term used degrade middle aged white women part feminist movement called months also doing story on my page about this, and free come look at get better educated on racism and 's effects on society as whole s recent

Angry Karen Writes Facebook Letter Demanding An End To The 'Karen Crisis'

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Anger-inducing video of a lady yelling out at her Uber driver

Total Karen Flips Out On Poor Uber Driver Over Nothing

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Funny 'Karen' memes

Eighteen 'Karen' Memes Perfect For Terrifying Any Customer Service Employee

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Funny memes and tweets that mock 'Kidz Bop Karen'

'Kidz Bop Karen' Is The Latest Laughing Stock On The Internet

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Karen Got Owned

Funny meme where a store manager makes a sign that tells Karens that they cannot speak to the manager
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Don't Ogle Me

Funny meme that reads, "How to address women during grey sweatpants season" above an illustration of a guy saying, "My eyes are up here"
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Quality Sh*tposts For People In The Pursuit Of Humor (50 Memes)

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