Ultimate Karen

Funny meme about karen, speak to the manager.
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the face karen makes memes | Woman -  face white woman makes tell her manager is on their way | Ppl will really b like "omg l cant believe have work on thanksgiving should be home with family While scanning their shit like f cking reason Karen. Go home 11/16/18, 10:04 PM

30 Infuriating 'Karen' Memes That Demand To Speak With Your Manager This Instant

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petty fight over parking lot

Police Respond To Two Adult-Babies Having A Petty Parking Lot Standoff In This Absurd Twitter Story

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Excuse Me Sir

Caption that reads, "I'll bet my entire life savings that she's standing there because she's waiting to talk to the manager" above a pic of a middle-aged woman with a short haircut waiting in a restaurant
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karen tries to get cleaning service for cheap

Entitled 'Karen' Demands Dirt-Cheap Housecleaning From Woman With Dying Child

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The Butt Of Every Internet Joke

Object-label meme where a middle-school boy with wings made out of boxes represents "The entire internet" and another boy cowering in the corner represents, "Anyone named Karen"
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Ma'am, I'm Just Trying To Do My Job

Interrupting crow comic where the bird tells a middle-aged woman the total, and then the middle-aged woman asks to see the manager because the item was on sale two weeks ago for less
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And Then She Asked To Speak To The Manager

Stupid person asks if the solar eclipse can be moved to a different day
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