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Abominable Interpretations on Italian Food Bound to Make Italy Weep

Mamma mia
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Small Town Italian Sandwich Maker Goes Insanely Viral for Making the Most Chaotic Yet Delicious Looking Sandwiches

Small Town Italian Sandwich Maker Goes Insanely Viral for Making the Most Chaotic Yet Delicious Looking Sandwiches

He got so popular, that the tiny little deli he worked in asked him to stop making the videos because they couldn't handle the influx of new customers.
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A list of funny shirts

25 Hilarious Shirts That Epitomize High Fashion

There's nothing more fierce, flirty, and fashion-forward than a “funny shirt.” I'm not talking about the trademarked graphic tee you could find at any Kohls or Target. No, I'm talking about shirts of ambiguous origins. These are shirts that make you ask, how the hell did this even get made?
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Multilingual Dude Figures Out Perfect Formula For Speaking Human Simlish

Who knew?
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Mamma Mía

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Funny twitter meme about giuseppe stromboli, harry potter, jk rowling | macaw @njhollander Replying MNateShyamalan dumbledore asking giuseppe stromboli if he put his name goblet fire LOUD ITALIAN NOISES "EY PIZZA MAMA" ETC 4:31 PM 7/9/20 Twitter Android Pink Guy | CIUSSEME STROMBOL AND GOBLET VINO

Giuseppe Stromboli Memes Put An Italian Twist On Harry Potter

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Funny memes about Italians, Italy | record scratch freeze frame So, yep s probably wondering got this situation. Italian politician facepalm | person riding a surfboard with an umbrella and a yacht sailing in the background: Roman Empire TADROLINIJA Whatever Mussolini trying do

Twenty-Eight Italian Memes That Are Just Pici

Mama mia...
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funny cringey twitter thread about how it's racist to assume that pinched fingers are italian | tweet by Sonia Putana Gupta @soniagupta504 LOL pinched fingers gesture is not just Italian exists all over world. If first instinct is say s Italian, there's good chance have very Eurocentric and white-washed view world. unregistered hyperfam 2 @lil_gimpy Replying soniagupta504 thank finally decolonizing fingers. GreenSwede @GreenArgGiant Replying soniagupta504 who cares people think just gesture

SJW Gets Ripped Apart For Terrible Take On New Emojis

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Funny Tumblr thread about different ways to say the word 'vagina' in Italian | map of italy himbocloud scheide scham sacapel sbanzega börtola frice panole folpa mona sbarzitla zinforgna barbisa barbigia nateua Yuinera pota tchergnapicioca bernarda mona borma brügna figa fritulà fiora sepa pataracia bregna Turba bigioia neira passera bartagna stessa brugna obinna tegia patafiocca patacca pisaia ciornia belan ghersa thussa tacc petalussa apettera mozza lallera pasarina fi' potta Cicalaastagncchia

Italian Has A Plethora Of Slang For Genitalia, According To This Amusing Tumblr Thread

Pacchio and mozza and petalussa, oh my!
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Cousin's Bucatini

Funny meme that reads, "Dad's ravioli? Nah. Grandma's gnocchi? Nope. Come on Marshall, think..." above a still of Eminem writing something at a desk wearing glasses
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Funny prank where people tell their dads that they put olive oil in their cars

Dads Get Pranked With This Olive Oil Hoax

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Funny memes and reaction tweets to Chris Cuomo's 'Fredo' incident

CNN News Anchor Chris Cuomo Throws A Fit After Being Called 'Fredo'

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Video of a British TV host insulting an Italian chef's meal

Italian Chef Delivers Savage One-Liner After British TV Host Insults His Cooking

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Funny twitter account of Italians mad at food, pizza, pasta, facebook comments, italian food.

'Italians Mad At Food' Is Hilarious Food Snobbery At Its Finest

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So True

Tweet that reads, "Honestly I have the PERFECT Italian renaissance bod right now and I'm so mad at y'all for changing the ideal feminine form on me. Titian would have worshipped me okay. Boticelli would be all up in my DMs"
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Mamma Mia!

funny meme about cooking frozen pizza.
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