Video of a British TV host insulting an Italian chef's meal

Italian Chef Delivers Savage One-Liner After British TV Host Insults His Cooking

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Gee, Thanks...

Funny meme about people picking Stuart Little over a human child at the orphanage
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Oddly Specific Insults

17 Oddly Specific Insults To Help You Dunk On Your Worst Enemies

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Funny insults and comebacks, creative

26 Sassy Insults & Comebacks That Deserve Our Respect

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Tweet that reads, "My roommate, who teaches sixth graders, has informed me that middle schoolers have started carrying around 'reverse' cards from Uno, so anytime someone insults them they bust out the card and reverse the burn. Cutting. Edge"
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Take That

Stock photo of a guy wearing a magician's outfit saying, "And for my next trick I will dissapear" next to panel of that has a pic of a pear and him saying, "f*ck you pear you taste like sh*t"
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Burned By Dad

Text conversation where kid asks dad if they were adopted, dad replies, "No, why the f*ck would I pick you?"
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wendy's twitter roasts away to help establish her place in the world

23 Times Wendy's Went Full-On Savage With The Roasting And Toasting

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Facebook post that reads, "Give yourself the most useless superhero ability;" someone comments below, "Thoughts and Prayers Man"
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Gotta Teach 'Em Somehow

Tweet that reads, "I am starting a charity to teach short people maths. It's called Making the Little Things Count"
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How Ya Like That Ya Tiny Midget

Tweet that reads, "Short person: OMG you're so tall! I bet you play basketball; Me: OMG you're so short. I bet the guilt you felt after Samwise carried you up Mount Doom must have been excruciatingly painful"
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Caption that reads, "Hate when older people say 'You're too young to be tired,' alright Margaret you're too old to be alive but here we are" above a pic of Kermit the Frog
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Got 'Em

Caption that reads, "When someone tries to insult you but you roast yourself on a daily basis" above a pic of Rick from Rick and Morty looking smugly into a mirror
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Caption that reads, "Thought I looked cute as hell today and my boyfriend told me I look like Pinhead Larry" above a pic of a girl wearing a pink jacket and a bow-necklace next to a pic of Pinhead Larry
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Text conversation where Person 1 says, "You aren't gonna believe who is beautiful!" Person 2 says, "Who is?" and Person 1 says, "Read the first two words"
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Oh Snap

diss blue anime dank memes Memes anime memes brain insult jellyfish - 9212312832
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