Don't Disrespect the Other

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I Was Wondering What Stinks...

egg double meaning insult - 7079952384
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Do It. I Dare You.

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Textbook Insult!

fat textbook insult - 6941611776
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Fie! Fie!

lolwut insult horse - 6819472384
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Clearly, He Hasn't Heard My Singing Voice

kim jong-un singing insult confused - 6533175040
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Hope Her Wig Unravels!

judges united kingdom umbrella insult - 6634514176
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Subliminal Messaging in Australian Campaign Ad

attack ad australia campaign ads insult politics - 6531757568
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It's Not the Kind You're Thinking of, Though

dogs double meaning insult lolcats slang - 6495224064
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arnold schwartzenegger hilarious injury insult poor - 6482888960
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Fifty Shades Of...

fifty shades of grey Hall of Fame insult meme similar sounding - 6462209024
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This is Bound to End Badly

book double meaning insult literalism paper scroll - 6335939072
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And Your Name is Stupid

insult p3n0r top comments Yahoo Answer Fai Yahoo Answer Fails - 6271796736
By randomdude

Such Sage Advice!

advice best ever chicken double meaning expletive fantastic fun Hall of Fame insult misinterpretation - 6279823616
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I Swear That Woman is the Devil in Disguise...

advice clever Hall of Fame hell homophones insult name wait - 5987452928
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And I'd Like to Keep Them at a Distance

fu gal insult Rage Comics stars teeth troll - 5834279424
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