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20 Rare Insults From Expert Sass Givers

Acerbic wit
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Cruel Woman Gets Slammed For Dumping Date With Brutal Text

Totally unnecessary
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15 Ruthless People Who Stopped at Nothing to Hate on Others

They're funny though
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15 Times People Gave Immaculate Comebacks by Taking Themselves Down Too

Kamikaze by words
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Woman Rebukes Nosy Co-Worker Asking About Her Husband's Salary, Splits Opinion on Work Etiquette

Maybe not the right execution
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People Share 'Compliments' That Can Actually Be Insults

Watch your back
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Insufferable Designer Put In His Place For Belittling Junior Coworker

So patronizing
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Brutal Portraits from Hawaiian Caricaturist Amuse and Horrify Twitter

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Delightfully Unique Insults That Are as Clever as They Are Cruel

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Caustic Burns & Savage Insults There's No Returning From

True zingers
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Guy Shares Book Of Comebacks Mom Gave Him When Being Bullied At School

Feel special now?
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Super Sassy Grandparents Dishing Out Savage Burns

Another memory to bring up in therapy
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Fitness Influencer Tries To Film Respectfully While Exercising, Gets Insulted By Gym Bro

Totally unnecessary.
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Brutal Times People Were Roasted in the TikTok Comments

'TikTok comments are what you’re thinking but someone has the audacity to say'
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Grandma Disses Son’s Childhood Bully After Finding Him On Facebook

Moms never forget.
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Funny and clever roasts and comebacks | Isaac Haxton @ikepoker Woman front at airport security has bottle frozen water. They want take She says 's not liquid. No, no She's got point. | Natalie Shure @nataliesurely This must be looting everyone is talking about CNBCO @CNBC 6d American billionaires got $434 billion richer during pandemic 36qYKhm 6:25 AM 28 May 20 Twitter iPhone >

Masterful Comebacks That Deserve Our Praise

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