Nailed It

Pic of Ariana Grande on someone's phone next to a terrible drawing they did of said photo
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Yeah, Dummy

Caption that reads, "Just because you have money in your account doesn't mean you can spend it" above an illustration of a guy pointing at himself in the mirror
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Seems Pretty Obvious Don't It

Illustration of someone shaking hands with a snake above text that reads, "Trust no one;" Tumblr comment below reads, "Trust no one, especially snake hands Jimmy, his hands are snakes"
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Yeet 'Em Outta There

Caption that reads, "Me if my kids come out allergic to dogs" above an illustration of a woman throwing a baby away
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Peace Ya Little B*tch

Caption that reads, "Let go of the things in your life that are holding you back" above an illustration of a mom walking away from a kid while saying, "See you in hell"
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Weird Kids: Why Did You Do This

Caption that reads, "Everyone knew that one weird kid in the class that would run down the hallway like this" above illustrations of a kid running with his arms swung back
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Happens All The Time

Caption that reads, "When you're high as f*ck so you decide to knock all your friends out with a deer you found" above an illustration of a guy swinging around a deer at his friends
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Just. Leave. Me. Be!!

Caption that reads, "When Jesus is tryna take the wheel but you wanna keep sinning" above an illustration of a guy driving a car with an enraged facial expression
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Today I Learned!

Caption that reads, "Why do we have hands?" above several illustrations that depict, "Pat the moose," "Slap the bongo drum," "Shake stick at God," and "Oof ouch the water is too hot"
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Me, An Intellectual

Illustration of a guy digging tunnels implying that he's smarter than the guy standing above ground
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What Up With That?

Funny tweet about japanese animation vs the animation in the united states.
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