Funny illustrations created by Chris (Simpsons artist)

Absurd Illustrations That Made Us Laugh, But In A Confused Way

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Tumblr illustrations about gender flexibility chart.

Illustrators On Tumblr Have Fun With Bizarre Gender Identity Chart

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Funny illustrations, Disney princesses

Disney Princesses Look Much More, Um, Realistic In These Hilarious Illustrations

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Keanu Reeves illustrations, Keanu Reeves as Disney prince.

Keanu Reeves Goes Disney Prince In These Perfect Illustrations

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Mind Ya Damn Business

Funny meme, dog in stroller, when people ask when you're going to have kids, woman giving middle finger.
Via classicalfuck
Cute and funny comics mashup combining Star Wars with Calbin and Hobbes, Brian Kesinger.

Star Wars Meets Calvin & Hobbes In These Adorable Mashup Comics

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Please Stop Talking

Illustration of a guy, who represents "Me" spraying a small child, who represents "Friend who won't stop talking;" spray represents "That's crazy"
Via MEMEQUEEN69420666
student leave doodles in textbooks

13 Times Troll-y Students Defaced Textbooks And Made Them Way Better

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Disney fan art, deviantart, pokemon,

Disney Meets Pokémon In These Whimsical Illustrations

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I Don't Get It

Illustrations of two pheasants saying "chirp chirp" above a still of a guy saying, "I'm sorry, is this some sort of pheasant joke that I'm too human to understand?"
Via CodyBurkett


Text that reads, "The sunshine doesn't come from the skies, it comes from the love that's inside a dog's eyes" above a creepy illustration of a dog's face
Via Partyin

Don't Sneak Up On Me Like That, Christ

Caption that reads, "Jesus scares" above a pic of a church sign that appears to read the same, next to an illustration of Jesus sneaking up on Mary as if to scare her
Via Scrillabud

Nailed It

Pic of Ariana Grande on someone's phone next to a terrible drawing they did of said photo
Via gordan12

Yeah, Dummy

Caption that reads, "Just because you have money in your account doesn't mean you can spend it" above an illustration of a guy pointing at himself in the mirror
Via KingRememberedInTime1

Seems Pretty Obvious Don't It

Illustration of someone shaking hands with a snake above text that reads, "Trust no one;" Tumblr comment below reads, "Trust no one, especially snake hands Jimmy, his hands are snakes"
Via LimaBeansAndTangerines

Yeet 'Em Outta There

Caption that reads, "Me if my kids come out allergic to dogs" above an illustration of a woman throwing a baby away
Via whyareyouwearingthatstupidmansuit00