Funny memes about hand sanitizer, coronavirus | yellow mascot running away from security in uniforms hand sanitizer hand sanitizer 1% germs | got good Purell $50 gram text plastic bag with clear liquid

Fourteen Hand Sanitizer Memes For The Germaphobes Among Us

Germaphobes unite.
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Funny memes about coronavirus | Coronavirus exist Everyone: oh its china is too far away get Coronavirus month later like move move Madagascar king Julien | Summer 2020 gon be lit people in orange full body hazmat suits jumping into a pool

Twenty Contagious Coronavirus Memes Because We're All Doomed

Let's at least find some humor in the situation.
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Funny memes about the medical field, doctors, hospitals | Normal sick people stay home People with Coronavirus: Diseases brought diseases | My health insurance company checking see if have coverage woman playing solitaire on her computer behind a counter while a busy line waits for her

Fourteen Medical Memes That Probably Won't Distract From Coronavirus

But at least they *are* funny!
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Twitter thread from @into_the_brush about how hard it is to get tested for coronavirus covid-19 in seattle, united states, cornavirus deaths | sketchy lady @into_the_brush live Seattle have all symptoms COVID-19 and have history chronic bronchitis. Since work physical therapy clinic with many 65+ patients and those with chronic illnesses decided be responsible and go get tested. This is went. called Corona hotline on hold 40 minutes and gave up. So looked at CDC and Washington public health webs

Twitter Thread About Coronavirus Reveals What An Ordeal It Is To Get Tested

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Funny memes about the Plague | plague doctor casually having fun while waiting next bubonic plague arrive cosplayer swings kids park. parents ask where 34 European went population rats stock photography shrugs

Fifteen Terrifying Plague Memes Perfect For Ringing In The '20s

Was it really necessary to make those plague doctor costumes so damn creepy?
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Heartwarming and inspiring Twitter thread about a stroke patient in Ireland who recovers fully | tweet by drliamhealy "Mammy's not well" 5 year old Priya has FaceTimed her Dad, Damian, using family iPad. Damian is on his way work s been busy few weeks family. His wife Mary, 35, is at home with their daughter and new 2 week old baby, Noah s two days before Christmas. Horrified, Damian sees iPad his daughter is holding his wife Mary has collapsed ground. She is not moving. She can't speak.

Miraculous Story About A Stroke Patient Restored Our Faith In Humanity

All we have to say is, wow.
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Funny dank memes entitled, "Helth" featuring Meme Man | stonks man in a doctor's white coat. School Nurses they put ice on brain tumor: helth. use essential oils cure kid's polio instead vaccines helth

Meme Man Is Back In These Dank 'Helth' Memes

You know what they say about an apple a day
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Funny and relatable memes for people who have chronic illnesses

Frustrating Memes For Those Who Suffer From A Chronic Illness

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How Bout Neither

Funny tweet that reads, "Birth control be like well do u want depression or do u want a baby"
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Funny memes about anti-vaxxers

Anti-Vaxxer Memes For The Science-Believers

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Funny meme that reads, "Doctors have gone on strike but their demands are unclear" above a photo of a doctor at a protest holding up a sign with chicken scratch
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Depressing tweets about very expensive medical bills paid in the US

Disheartened Americans Reveal The Astronomical Medical Bills They've Received

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Funny random memes and tweets

Memes 'N Tweets That Make For Silly Scrolling

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Funny random memes, marvel memes, avengers memes, silly memes, funny tweets, twitter memes.

Frivolous Memes For Your Scrolling Pleasure

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Funny memes about being anemic

Thirteen Anemic Memes For The Chronically Dizzy

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Health Is Wealth

Funny fitness isn't just a hobby, it's a lifestyle meme about drinking water between long island iced teas.
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