Funny and relatable memes for people who have chronic illnesses

Frustrating Memes For Those Who Suffer From A Chronic Illness

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How Bout Neither

Funny tweet that reads, "Birth control be like well do u want depression or do u want a baby"
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Funny memes about anti-vaxxers

Anti-Vaxxer Memes For The Science-Believers

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Funny meme that reads, "Doctors have gone on strike but their demands are unclear" above a photo of a doctor at a protest holding up a sign with chicken scratch
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Depressing tweets about very expensive medical bills paid in the US

Disheartened Americans Reveal The Astronomical Medical Bills They've Received

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Funny random memes and tweets

Memes 'N Tweets That Make For Silly Scrolling

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Funny random memes, marvel memes, avengers memes, silly memes, funny tweets, twitter memes.

Frivolous Memes For Your Scrolling Pleasure

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Funny memes about being anemic

Thirteen Anemic Memes For The Chronically Dizzy

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Health Is Wealth

Funny fitness isn't just a hobby, it's a lifestyle meme about drinking water between long island iced teas.
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Anti-vax mom argues in Facebook comments section

Anti-Vax Mommy Goes Crazy In Comments Section, Gets Owned By Rationality

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Funny memes about menstruation

18 Relatable Period Memes For Those On Red Alert

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Hell Yeah, This 'Healthy' Thing Rules!

Funny meme about cutting out carbohydrates and exercising more to get healthier
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C'mon Guuuuys

Funny 'Me Explaining to My Mom' meme about the importance of drinking water
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Funny memes about dieting, funny memes about food, the struggle is real, getting fit for the summer, summer memes.

28 Fitness Memes For People Who Who Are Just Trying Their Best, Man

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The Health Experts Have Spoken

Funny headline from The Onion that reads, "Health experts recommend standing up at desk, leaving office, never coming back"
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epileptic woman on the subway

Surreal Twitter Story About A Girl With Epilepsy Serves As A Valuable Life Lesson On Human Compassion

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