Funny memes about healthcare system

Funny & Frustrated Memes Healthcare Workers Will Relate To

We are not worthy
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A Bunch of Scary Science Facts That the Public Doesn't Think About

Not-so-fun facts
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Redditors Advise On All The Things Young People Need To Know

Listen up
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ER Nurse Lists Every Weird Thing She's Had to Remove From Patients' Holes

There are few crazier places to work than in the ER . The constant state of emergency is literally in the name, and people often manage to injure themselves in the strangest of ways. Few jobs are more revealing about how truly dumb most of us are, and nothing proves this more than the sheer number of people who get things stuck in their orifices. This was discussed in a recent video by @katetoks1 , which went viral after she revealed some of the things she had to remove from places they shouldn…
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Dad finds mold in Capri Sun, TikTok, warning

Dad Warns the Internet After Finding Mold In Capri Sun Pouches

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funny memes, running memes, dank memes, jogging memes, exercise, fitness | illustration So l've been jogging lately and have had painful nip chafe relief cut an old shirt wear at home forgot wearing had package delivered my door | drakeposting body Getting faster been running months body Getting slower forget run week

18 Relatable Memes for Runners

Exercise your scroll skills
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funny, funny memes, memes, health | What the predator sees after chasing me for 28 seconds skeleton xray vision heat vision
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Astute Observation

Funny meme about the 'ABCs of first aid' being that a bone coming out of the skin is very bad; above an image of Meme Man saying "helth"
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Funny memes about people who work in the healthcare profession | looking at all cool CRRT and ECMO machines take my patient up ICU @codebluememes RATES 25t k Fresh Prince of Bel Air | COVID swab literally every @codebluememes patient

Thirty Healthcare Memes As Our Gift To The Heroes

Healthcare workers, we see you.
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Funny video sketch about people who refuse to wear masks in public

Video Sketch Makes Fun Of People Who Refuse To Wear Masks

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Funny memes about people who work in healthcare | nurses can please have safe staffing ratios" hospital administrators codebluememes BEST CAN DO IS PIZZA | finally get difficult patient discharged and they show up next day StrongerNurse Spongebob inside a mailbox

Twenty-Six Healthcare Worker Memes Because The Pandemic Ain't Over Yet

Can. this. just. be. over. now.
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Funny memes about how horrible 2020 has been | Jehovah's Witnesses knowing everyone's gonna be home: ThiccLikeAMemeshake | ThaMasterRoshi 16d would explain 2020 someone 2010? Imagine if 10 years ago were approached by time traveler and he like "look don't have much time explain, all can tell is year 2020 is going be an absolute shit show know Donald Trump star apprentice? Well he's president United States and at beginning 2020 he gets into Twitter beef with Iran almost starts world war 3. Austra

Twenty-One Disastrous 2020 Memes Because We're Seriously Over It

F*ck 2020.
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I'm Doin' It, Doc

Funny meme that reads, "When the doctor says you need to watch your drinking" above a photo of a guy looking at himself drinking in the mirror
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Suck It

Funny meme that reads, "'Carbs are bad for you;' Me: ..." above a photo of a barbie lying on a slice of pizza
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Funny memes about working in healthcare | New grads signing up 7K per week travel gig without reading fine print about bringing own PPE and 15:1 ratio DIE BURGER @codebluememes | Medical professionals talking about disgusting stuff over meal together

Healthcare Memes For Those Working Tirelessly To Keep Us Healthy

We can't thank you all enough!
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Interesting video from Know Your Meme featuring a time-lapse of the popularity of different COVID-19-related memes since January

Fascinating Video Shows The Popularity Of Different COVID-19 Memes Since January

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