Makes Sense

NBC headline that reads, "Major depression is on the rise among everyone, new data shows;" someone replies below, "Well. I mean. *Gestures broadly at everything"
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I Chimed In With A Haven't You People Ever Heard Of

Caption that reads, "Buzzfeed has reached its peak" above a Buzzfeed quiz that reads, "Your Panic! At the Disco preferences will reveal what kind of grape you are"
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That'll Teach 'Em

Headline that reads, "Notts villagers hold 'birthday' for pothole they've been complaining about for two years;" someone replies, "This is the most passive aggressive thing I've seen in a while"
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Well That's Depressing...

Headline that reads, "Your brain tricks you into seeing yourself five times more attractive in the mirror than you actually are;" someone replies, "This whole time I thought I was just ugly, turns out I'm ugly UGLY lol"
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Hola, Me Llamo Loro

Telegraph headline that reads, "British parrot missing for four years returns speaking Spanish"
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Dis Frog Got More Game Than Me

Headline that reads, "Loneliest frog in the world who spent a decade in isolation finds a mate;" someone comments, "And I can't even get a text back"
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When Will They Stop

Fake headline that reads, "Are Millennials killing the 'writing articles about the industries Millennials are killing' industry?"
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fooled by the onion

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Learn From His Mistakes

Funny meme about seagull ripping off a man's testicles.
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It's All Pun and Games Until Both Birds Go Hungry

funny facebook puns BBC headline

Someone Has Been Waiting Their Whole Life to Write This Headline

naughty tennis headline dick pound slams sharapova
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Scooby Dooby Doo, What the Hell Did You Do?

funny memes scooby doom headline
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God is Getting Real Tired of Our Nonsense

funny memes biblical flooding becoming common
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The Hidden Cons of Prophylactics

Hall of Fame headline innuendo load newspaper spill truck - 5967371264
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There's Two Kinds of News...

twitter news headline Probably bad News - 8279945984
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