32 Bizarre & Comical Headlines Worthy Of Face-Palmage | STYLE+BEAUTY Texas woman arrested marijuana takes mugshot, gets requests makeup tips By Nicole Darrah Fox News Marshala Perkina, 19 arrested marijuana possession February. After her mugshot posted Twitter, people began ask her makeup tutorials | Legal Journal serving Madison Alton attorney accidentally sues himself Emert By Steve Korris chosen Centerre Title- company Wyss owned- Alton attomey Emert Wyss close

32 Weird & Facepalm-Worthy Headlines

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Funny instances of people believing The Onion's satire | got be kidding 2 hrs 6 This better not be true 's British landmark, always will be and should remain as "Big Ben" Big Ben be renamed Massive Mohammed 2018 Rochdale Herald Re

15 Clueless People Who Fell For 'The Onion's' Satire

Thank God for The Onion
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Posts about the strange times we're living in currently | think people who sent those masks were trying help doctors and nurses who didn't have PPE not be part an art project H Hill O @thehill 2h WATCH: Cuomo unveils collage masks sent around US self-portrait America" | WORKPLACE EVOLUTION Why crying employees can sometimes be sign healthy workplace Occasionally crying at work is normal-and can sometimes indicate an honest work culture. But there are some best practices follow dealing with cowor

Fifteen Orwellian Posts Representing The Dystopian Hellhole We Live In

This is some 1984 sh*t.
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Smart Move

Funny news headline that reads, "Tom Holland just bought 3 live chickens because there's no eggs left in supermarkets" | improvise adapt overcome Bear Grylls
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Funny comments on satirical articles written by people who didn't understand that it was satire | photo of the white house. actual hell Just read post man. Everything about this is wrong. BABYLONBEE.COM Democrats Call Flags Be Flown At Half-Mast Grieve Death Soleimani. Didn't know he died our sins ES BABYLONBEE.COM Trump Have Done More Christianity Than Jesus.

Oblivious People Who Ate Up Satire Like It Was A Juicy Apple

Delicious, delicious satire.
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Life Hack

Funny headline that reads, "Guy checks a single can of beer after airline told him he couldn't board with it" Airport conveyor belt
Funny news headlines

Cringe-Worthy Headlines That Were Somehow Published

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Funny 'Florida Man' headlines

30 Florida Man Moments Of Tremendous WTF-ery

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people falling for satirical headlines

14 Times Total Blockheads Believed Glaringly Obvious Satire

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Stupid Headlines

32 Mindbogglingly Stupid Headlines That, Yes, Were Actually Printed

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The Health Experts Have Spoken

Funny headline from The Onion that reads, "Health experts recommend standing up at desk, leaving office, never coming back"
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funny kardashian memes

15 Komical Kardashian Memes That'll Make You Feel Dirt Poor

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scandal twitter news university youtube headline tv shows reactions controversy celeb college full house bribe rich people - 7929349

Aunt Becky Is Getting Meme'd And Roasted For Bribing Her Spoiled Daughter's Way Into College

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reactions to kylie jenner being named a self made billionaire

Kylie Jenner Was Just Named Youngest 'Self-Made' Billionaire And People Have Some THOUGHTS

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Who The F*ck Cutting Onions

Headline that reads, "Terri Irwin hasn't been on a date since losing Steve: 'I already had my happily ever after'" above pics of a guy crying
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Admit It, We All Do This

Fake headline that reads, "'I'll have to check that show out!' says woman who has already forgotten the title" above a pic of a curly-haired young woman
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