Ever look at your hand and wonder how something so incredible could have been created? This is hands down the best place to find anything funny and 'punny' about hands. So if you've ever asked yourself which hand would be best to write with, the answer is neither you should write with a pen what's the matter with you?

Psyched Yourself

gifs jump scare hand - 8554803456


First World Problems hand hilarious pringles stuck - 5717641472
By brianhuang18

Make-up of the Rock Hand by Finger

Bar Graph hand Music rock - 3328336896
By Jdrake31

Hand-Tame Elephant

elephant hand paint wtf - 4685320704
By Snake73

Stupid Hand!

rage shower troll face temperature hand - 8399585024
By Unknown

The Love Hand

hand funny relationships wtf - 8306123008
By Unknown

The Impatient Machine

hand funny machine - 8020697344
By Unknown

Prepare to Meet Ronald

hand funny Ronald McDonald slap wtf - 8007719680
By Unknown


baby no no tubes tattoos hand funny - 7742555648
By Unknown

Give That Bunny a Hand

bunny hand funny - 7494618368
By Unknown

And He Never Will

pants bono hand funny - 7466469632
By Unknown

What a Horrible Idea

bad idea hand aligator - 3174533888
By robertorulez

But How Fast Can He Make the Kessel Run?

star wars similar sounding added letter Han Solo hand - 7066663680
Via Threadless

Man, Door Hand, Where is Your Hook Car Door?

door man door hand hook car door hand - 6994190592
By Unknown

Door Hand-le

awesome hand - 6981339648
By Unknown


butt eww seriously hand - 3711723520
See all captions By Unknown
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