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"Y'all really be living IBS free": Viral Midwestern Recipe for McDonald's Dessert Casserole Generates Mixed Opinions

It... could be worse
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Preposterous Food Items That Defy the Limits of Edibility

Tuck in
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Perplexing Recipe Substitutions That Definitely Didn't Become Something Delicious

Bad chefs, bad chefs everywhere
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'My nephew had stuck his whole face in it': Party Guest Gets Scolded for Refusing 'Smash Cake' at Toddler's Birthday

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27 Michelin Star Food Memes For Hungry Foodies That Are Constantly Eating

Nom nom nom
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15 Awful Examples of the Most Disgusting Pizzas Known to Man

Crimes against pizzakind
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People Share the Countries They Believe Have the Most Average Cuisine

Not great, not terrible
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33 Michelin-Starred Food Memes For Your Refined Palate

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Hot Dog Memes That Aren't Boiled

Summer is officially here, and you know what that means? It's time to chow down on a hot dog at a 4th of July barbeque. Every American city has a very different idea of what a hot dog should be. I'm mostly talking about New York and Chicago because those cities will let you know when you're eating a hot dog wrong. Chicago citizens, particularly, hate it when you put ketchup on your hot dog. They see it as an insult to their city, culture, and way of life. There is a terrifying statue of a menac…
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'I hope he left housekeeping a $200 tip': Man Horrifies the Internet by Cooking Ribs in Hotel Pillowcase

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People Share Their Roommate Horror Stories

Everybody has had a bad roommate; if you haven't, you're probably the bad roommate. It is not that hard to clean up after yourself, communicate, and be considerate of the people you live with, yet many people struggle with it. I've heard so many roommate horror stories through the grapevine that are almost hard to believe. Somebody I know lived with someone who peed in the kitchen sink, and she walked in on him doing it. If you are wondering, yes, there were dishes in the sink. I have also hear…
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Weird Food Memes For Freaky Foodies

Don't take that shot!
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Simple English, the Met Gala Cockroach, and Chinese Food Culture Wars

Plus, Joe Biden confirms Dark Brandon.
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'We both have it wrong, as neither of us is anywhere near China': British and American People Fight Over Which Country Has the Best Chinese Takeout

'A Chinese' ≠ Chinese food
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People Discuss Their Least Favorite Foods That Most People Like

Nobody can like every food. Even if you pride yourself on not being picky, you probably have at least one food, even a popular food, that you don't like. For me, it's French Onion Soup. As someone who likes onions, soup, and cheesy bread, you'd think I'd enjoy this meal, but I don't. I don't like that there's a bunch of bread in my soup, and I don't like that I have to break through it to get to the soup part. I'm so sorry French people , but I must speak my truth. This stuff is nasty, and I'm…
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The Best Food Memes to Bite Into

Om nom nom
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