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Food Vigilantes Share Their Most F'ed Up Pizza Opinions

Don't tell Italy
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Abominable Interpretations on Italian Food Bound to Make Italy Weep

Mamma mia
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Article About How Pink Sauce Creator Didn't Know What The FDA was.

Pink Sauce Creator Claims Her Product Doesn't Need FDA Approval

If you've been online in any capacity this week, you've probably heard of the Pink Sauce . The product was originally marketed on TikTok as a delicious and unique sauce that was incomparable to any other sauce currently on the market. However, things fell apart quickly when consumers found that the sauce was shipped unrefrigerated in a flimsy bag and contained multiple errors on the nutrition label. The most worrying discrepancy to many buyers was that the Pink Sauce was a different shade of pi…
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Article about the Pink Sauce That Has Gone Viral On TikTok and Raised Concerns About Safety

TikToker Sells Suspicious 'Pink Sauce' With Questionable Ingredients and Mislabeled Nutrition Information

As a principle, it's typically more ethical to support small businesses over chain giants like Walmart or the Golden Corrall. Supporting small businesses can improve your local community; even if it doesn't, you can easily delude yourself into thinking it does. TikTok has been a particularly useful advertising platform for many small businesses. From restaurants to slime manufacturers, if your business blows up on TikTok, there's no telling what amounts of success you might accrue. However, not…
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Gross vintage recipes

A Vile Collection of Disgusting Vintage Recipes and Foods

I was never a picky eater growing up. But I had friends who would turn up their noses at the mention of tuna salad. They seemed to only respond to chicken nuggets or tenders , white rice, and buttered noodles. It was bleak. I always thought that as New Yorkers who are surrounded by different cultures, we should be a tad more adventurous. Their weak palates disappointed me, and my family struggled to inspire open-mindedness. It recently occurred to me, however, that we were using the wrong tacti…
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Funny memes about food, potato chips, pizza, cursed images

Food Memes & Cursed Things For Humor-Hungry Humans

Bon appetit.
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German Burger King Creates Pregnancy Craving Menu, Confuses The Hell Out Of Twitter

These are delicacies
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Woman Takes ‘Luxury’ All-Inclusive Vacation, Exposes Terrible Food

They're like rations
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Man Rates Horrifying Home Cooked Meals That His Friend Sends To The Group Chat

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15+ Awful Pizzas That Are An Affront To Pizzakind

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U.S. Public School System Being Scrutinized in Viral TikTok Reviewing Gross School Lunches

Student Hilariously Reviews His School's Sad Cafeteria Food on TikTok Sparking Debate on the American School System

One commenter said, “I've seen better food in prison.”
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disgusting cooking hack trending on tiktok, steak and eggs cooked with matches

Disgusting Viral TikTok Trend Where People Cook an Egg on Matches or Stick Matches Into a Steak to Cook It Will Kill Your Appetite

Why would you ruin a perfectly good steak like that??
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Painfully Cursed Images We Can't Unsee

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Gross, Hand Licking Fine Dining Experience Has Twitter Users Up In Arms

What’s worse, the mess or the eye contact?
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Heinous Food Posts For People With Strong Stomachs

Bone apple teeth!
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Funny horoscopes, astrology memes, vintage food, gross food, cursed images

The Astrological Signs As Gross Vintage Foods

Every sign is an acquired taste when you think about it.
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