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Carnivorous Man Shares Recipe for 'Sink Steak', Horrifies the Internet

Just why
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30-Year-Old Babies Refuse to do Dishes, Leaving Disgusting Sink For Other Roommate

It is not hard to be a good roommate. You do your dishes, clean the apartment, avoid being disruptive , and communicate. That's all it takes. Unfortunately, some people cannot execute the most straightforward tenant of being a good roommate, which in my opinion, is doing the dishes. Washing dishes is so easy, and it baffles me that this is one of the most argued-about topics among roommates. On one hand, it makes sense. If your roommate doesn't do their dishes, you will know. The tangible proof…
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Hilarious And Gross Food Images That Might Spoil Your Appetite

Children have incredibly creative minds and use this creativity in numerous ways. At my elementary school, the innocents used their childlike wonder to create the grossest monstrosity of food ever concocted. This activity was usually limited to kids who bought lunch at the cafeteria. It's much more complicated to play with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and carrot sticks than it is to mix school milk with a fruit cocktail. Chicken strip day was always the grossest. People would pour strawbe…
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Neckbeard Reveals He Never Washes Ramen Bowl, Horrifies the Internet

Are you familiar with the concept of seasoning cast iron cookware? The intention behind the process, which is essentially baking oil into the cookware, is to make it a nonstick surface and to help protect it from rusting. People are pretty intense about their cast iron, which probably explains all the memes against washing the cookware in a dishwasher or (gasp!) using soap. Contrary to what some may believe or tout on the Internet, it's OK to use a little soap on cast iron, as long as you reple…
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People Discuss The Ingredients That Ruin a Sandwich

Choosing the right ingredients for a sandwich is essential, and even when you do everything right, your sandwich can still end up gross. I've made many questionable sandwich-topping choices throughout my life, and I'm at peace with that. I spent at least a calendar year ordering burgers with only pickles and onions on them; I can only imagine what my breath smelled like during that year. I also regularly got black olives on my sandwich when I went to Subway, and let's just say I wouldn't make t…
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People Ponder the Pure Weirdness of the TJ Maxx Food Section

It doesn't look tasty
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Man Rates Horrifying Home Cooked Meals That His Homie Sends To The Group Chat

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A Collection of Wacky Culinary Creations That Came to People in Dreams

Tuck in
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Tasty and Resourceful Memes for Anybody That's Hungry, but Too Tired to Cook

Delicious ideas
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The FDA is Finally Shutting Down 'Nyquil Chicken', TikTok's Most Disgusting Cooking Trend

Sleepy chicken probably tastes like a coma
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Luxury Diner Prompts Controversy by Showing off Gross Food at Michelin Starred Restaurant

They ate what now?
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A compilation of food images that are both gross and deeply compelling.

Disgusting Foods From Disturbed Culinary Minds

The 1950s was the golden age of the Jell-O mold . Homemakers regularly put their leftover fruits, vegetables, and even cheeses into a monstrosity of gelatin. This culinary trend sparks a lot of unanswered questions. What secrets were they hiding in there? Who decided this was a good idea? Was Jell-O the symbol of the repressed female rage that lived inside every 1950s housewife? Throughout the past few decades, foods have gotten even crazier than lime Jell-O with cottage cheese. With newfangled…
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Food Vigilantes Share Their Most F'ed Up Pizza Opinions

Don't tell Italy
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Abominable Interpretations on Italian Food Bound to Make Italy Weep

Mamma mia
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Article About How Pink Sauce Creator Didn't Know What The FDA was.

Pink Sauce Creator Claims Her Product Doesn't Need FDA Approval

If you've been online in any capacity this week, you've probably heard of the Pink Sauce . The product was originally marketed on TikTok as a delicious and unique sauce that was incomparable to any other sauce currently on the market. However, things fell apart quickly when consumers found that the sauce was shipped unrefrigerated in a flimsy bag and contained multiple errors on the nutrition label. The most worrying discrepancy to many buyers was that the Pink Sauce was a different shade of pi…
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Article about the Pink Sauce That Has Gone Viral On TikTok and Raised Concerns About Safety

TikToker Sells Suspicious 'Pink Sauce' With Questionable Ingredients and Mislabeled Nutrition Information

As a principle, it's typically more ethical to support small businesses over chain giants like Walmart or the Golden Corrall. Supporting small businesses can improve your local community; even if it doesn't, you can easily delude yourself into thinking it does. TikTok has been a particularly useful advertising platform for many small businesses. From restaurants to slime manufacturers, if your business blows up on TikTok, there's no telling what amounts of success you might accrue. However, not…
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