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14 Snobby Whole Foods Memes That'll Make You Feel Like The Dirt-Poor Scum You Are

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Straight Ouch

Caption that reads, "Me to my crush: I think I have feelings for you; My crush: ..." above a pic of a shopping center sign that says "Big K"
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It's Called Saving

Tweet that reads, "Adulting is putting back the $4.86 pack of chicken and getting $4.66 pack cause that twenty cents adds up"
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It's The *Only* Thing To Do

Pic of a guy lying on the ground next to a broken bottle of red wine with caption that reads, "This is what you must do if you accidentally drop a bottle of red wine"
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Bump That Sh*t

Caption that reads, "Me finding the perfect playlist for my four-minute drive to the grocery store" above a pic of a golden retriever sitting at a computer desk
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Who Do They Think They Are

Caption that reads, "No one: ...; Fish at the grocery store: ..." above a pic of a guy with a deadpan expression lying in a bathtub full of ice
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Caption that reads, "When your mom said she'll be back soon but you're next at the cash register" above a pic of a guy sweating and looking nervous
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Hell Yeah I Do

Caption that reads, "When people ask if I plan on having a kid someday" above a pic of a baby goat in a shopping cart
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So Rude

Pic of a short guy, who represents "Some baby in a shopping cart at the store" looking up at a tall woman, who represents, "Me, minding my own business"
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C'mon MOM

Pic of Hugh Jackman, who represents "My mom at the grocery store" laughing and joking with Jake Gyllenhaal, who represents "Her friend from high school;" Ryan Reynolds, who represents "me" is awkwardly standing in the back
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It Had To Be Done

Tweet that reads, "I went ahead and exposed they ass" above a pic of bags of tortilla chips upside-down to expose that the bags are only half-full
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Those Veggies Gettin' So Clean

Tweet that reads, "I love when you're at the grocery store and the veggies are having a shower"
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Caption that reads, "'Would you like to donate $1 to help the poor?' Me: 'Lol there is a 90% chance this card is gonna get declined. I am the poor'" above a stock photo of a cashier taking a card from a customer
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Tweet that reads, "Whole Foods cashier: You have your reusable bags? Me: No; *A wave of boos from shoppers;* *A toddler with a hyphenated first name spits on me*"
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I Scurred

Caption that reads, "When you look down every grocery store aisle twice and still don't see your mom" above a pic of someone hitting a button that says 'scared'
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Grocery Stores Need To Get It Together

American Chopper meme about being at a self-checkout and having the machine say that there's an 'unexpected item in the bagging area'
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