grocery shopping

Dammit Grant

Pic of a bunch of fries for sale at a grocery store with a sign above that reads, "Grant ordered too many fries sale"
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It's True

Tweet that reads, "Little secret about me: my answer to the question 'would you like a receipt' is based on absolutely nothing and changes all the time"
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A Delicious Vegan Meal

Tweet showing a pic of some cooked spinach on a plate, with the caption "This is forty-five bags of spinach"
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Tweet that reads, "Who are we? Single young professionals. What do we want? For perishable groceries to be sold in smaller portion sizes"
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Creepy Barney the Dinosaur labeled "old people with coupons" staring creepily at a small unsuspecting child labeled "cashiers"
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This Is The Relationship I Want

Pic of a guy pushing his girlfriend around in a shopping cart at Walmart
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It's True Tho

Advertisement of a white woman eating crackers and cheese
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The Saddest Aisle In The Grocery Store

Sad forever alone single single af grocery shopping alone - 9144195840
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I Know How To Push A Cart!

raisin rage shopping cart grocery shopping mom - 8576691200
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grocery shopping crush - 8444497664
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Double Plot Twist

dreams grocery shopping - 8372065280
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Dat Smell

grocery shopping me gusta smell sweet jesus - 8337466624

Never Send a Man

expectations vs reality grocery shopping - 8323557888
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When I Was a Kid...

shopping cart grocery shopping - 8311818496
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At the Store

Awkward grocery shopping mom grocery store - 8310043392

Self Checkout Rage

self checkout rage grocery shopping grocery store - 8292719104
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