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Twitter discourse about instacart drivers and ableism

Woman Annoyed At Instacart Driver Replacing Items Shows up at the Store to Confront Him

Is it ethical to use food delivery services for your groceries ? This question has been bobbing around Twitter since the beginning of the pandemic when the number of people paying others to get their groceries increased immensely. This new reality where we weren't supposed to go outside brought up some quagmires that are worth contemplating. Is hiring somebody to pick up groceries more ethically dubious than hiring somebody to pick up your takeout? Who benefits the most from food delivery and i…
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People Ponder the Pure Weirdness of the TJ Maxx Food Section

It doesn't look tasty
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A compilation of memes about shopping and eating at Costco

Costco Memes For Broads Buying In Bulk

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Dude Shocks Europeans With Amount of Junk Food in US Grocery Store

Sugar on sugar
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A compilation of funny memes about shopping and online shopping

Shopping Memes For Diagnosed Shopaholics

Who says shopping needs to stop?
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Most Incompetent Instacart Shopper Sparks Infuriating Discussion on Men Grocery Shopping

Most Incompetent Instacart Shopper Sparks Infuriating Discussion on Men Grocery Shopping

Why are so many people having issues with men Instacart shoppers?
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Despairing Woman Gets Dunked On For Complaining About Male Instacart Shopper

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Instacart Shopper Calls Out Shifty Customers Who Falsely Report Missing Items

They see you
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Crafty Shopper Splits Opinion After Price Swapping Steak

Dinner on a budget
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Man Documents Experience Of Getting Locked In A Grocery Store

Endless freebies!
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U.S. Citizens Fascinated By American Section At Irish Grocery Store

America = processed sugar
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The Struggle Is Real

Funny meme that reads, "You've never been broke if you haven't had to do this" above a stock photo of a guy trying to buy something with his credit card and change
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Funny video sketch about a guy shopping at Whole Foods

Parody Sketch About People Who Shop At Whole Foods Is Pretty Spot On

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Funny tweet that reads, "Little secret about me: my answer to the question 'would you like a receipt' is based on absolutely nothing and changes all the time"
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The New Normal

Funny meme/tweet featuring rick grimes wearing a face mask but he's looking at a grocery list, coronavirus, quarantine, relatable meme | Turkish. @chazzington_ "bread, milk, olive oil, canned chopped tomatoes-'l
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funny pictures of thai people shopping after plastic bag ban in thailand, people shopping using weird objects |  Thailand started 2020 with major plastic bag ban so now Thais have made trend put their shoppings random things living LMFAO. man carrying groceries using a hanging a drying rack and clothespins. woman carrying in groceries inside a large pot.

Thailand's Plastic Bag Ban Forcing Shoppers To Get Hilariously Creative

Some of these are impressive.
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