Tell Me Why

Tweet that reads, "A quick grammar lesson! Doesn't = does not; they're = they are; you're = you are; my fire = the one desire; believe = when I say; I want it = that way
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Marry Me

funny meme about grammar, they, their, there, classical art meme.
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Thanks, Einstein

funny meme about people who make obvious corrections.
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funny memes of people using the wrong words

15 Painful Times People Used The Wrong Words

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Well, That's Easy

grammar spelling funny - 9166655232
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grammar nazi grammar funny facebook - 5267717

15 Times Grammar Nazis Had No Chill

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Grammar Memes FTW

Funny meme about using semicolons, grammar.
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Piece Of Cake

Funny meme about grammatically unfortunate sign that reads "Fight Children With Diabetes."
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Funny meme about someone calling cinnamon rolls synonym rolls, someone responds "just like grammar used to make."
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Collection of funny memes and web comics about insomnia, travel, wine, cats, girls, dogs, hangovers, drinking, candy, dating, relationships, alcohol, dogs, grammar, being antisocial, philosophy, cold ones, cheating.

Lunch Break: 17 Random Memes to Curb Your Hunger

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FAILS grammar list signs - 1275141

20 Times When Correct Punctuation Would Have Made All the Difference

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Made an Important Discovery in Time for the 100th Comic.

Comics - Why would you double space after sentences? Fuckin' Twitter. How do they expect people who double space after sentences to work Umm, because you're Supposed to? with 140 characters? FUCK. Yeah, back when we Used typewriters. You're not wrong. Bullshit I figured it was just something everyone forgot to do, like cursive. Guy, look at any website. But Ive typed a hundred comics worth of blog posts, comments, replies, tweets... Yes. Good job on the one hundred comics thing, though. All of t
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So Inspiring

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Wonder How He Feels About Losing Now

image grammar spelling Wonder How He Feels About Losing Now
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Grammar Nazi's Have Always Been Around

history grammar meme Grammar Nazi's Have Always Been Around
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Clearly Lost His Hand for Saying 'Octopi' Back in the Day

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