Funny language fails | Closed Due personal Circumcisions Apologies any Inconvenience caused | RESPECT ARE-COUNTRY SPEAK ENGLISH

22 Language Fails Filled With Facepalm

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20+ Times Keyboards Were An Artistic Medium Instead Of A Communication Device

I cn sllep just fien.
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Funny social media posts made by stupid people, stupid people on the internet insane people on facebook, cringe, twitter, fails | Can someone explain they got all ice through small hole need holy water @holywaterig Imagine being this stupid | 5m lol but where are tho? 1 4m Owh Chile 1 4m mean where do live 3m Chile 1 2m 's not even funny 's problem 2m Chile

Extremely Dumb Moments Of Pure Facepalm

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Tumblr, tweets, twitter, funny memes, funny tweets, language memes | David Burge @iowahawkblog Yes, English can be weird can be understood through tough thorough thought, though Traducir del inglés 1/5/15 17:55 6.635 RETWEETS 5.029 FAVORITOS Take Vaccines TakeThatsalk 6m HeyTekThatEnglish 2

20 Language Memes And Fails For Cunning Linguists

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Funny memes about grammar | welcome mat. Thank oda MATT WELCOME welcome, Matt. MATT W ELCOME @button | Do like anyone? yeah Um have bf yeah Delivered Ohh haha RESTORATION 100

15 Grammar Memes For Pompous Intellectuals

The English language is BS.
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Press 'F' To Pay Respects

Funny meme about how a grammatical error will ruin an argument | train hitting a bus a well thought out argument that your proud of you're
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Funny language fails | Black Jesus Follow @BulHunitProof "c-Jah noun shit shake Jay Murphh Recent (18) Messenger Shit got shut down not too long ago bro Ohh why happen Somebody have c-Jah Had don't know spell bro but 's shit shake Imfao | VIRGIN 11:39 PM whitecap TODAY WHITECAP Are up do spell walfus LEGGO my eggo things Walfools Wall Fools Wtf Waffles dumb bitch Send chat

Language Fails That Display The Importance Of Education

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funny and weird tumblr posts | overtheunderpass my car and by stop light looked over at this guy looking at and smiling with thumbs up. so smiled back and gave him thumbs up and drove off and took about 15 minutes driving before realized he hitchhiker | eternalgirlscout will kill basic threat; overused; lacks serious weight pee pants: up-and-coming; respectable; unexpected will pee pants: full promise grief and terror; absolutely devastating zerpderptwerp pants can't wait my pee too-easy-being-g

Weird & Funny Tumblr Posts For Lovers Of Quirky Humor

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Funny dank memes entitled, "Oreo Grammar" | headless horseman horseless man head horseman manhorse manless horse horseless man horseless headman manless horsehead headless horse lesshorse headman horsehorsehorse man man man man man

These Botched Grammar Memes Are Both Strange And Clever

There are some memes that just make you scratch your head.
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Thanks Teach

Funny meme that reads, "Student: are well and actually both one-syllable words" above meme of animated pirate saying, "Well yes, but actually no"
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Funny reasons the english language makes no sense.

40 Frustrating Reasons The English Language Is Full Of Sh*t

Is there any language more illogical?
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Funny twitter meme, pushpin emoji.

Viral Pushpin Emoji Memes Are The Most Relatable Thing On Twitter

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Seize The Means Of Production!

Caption that reads, "English teacher explaining proper nouns: 'Don't forget to capitalize!'" above a pic of Karl Marx
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Funny english language fails.

25 English Language Fails That'll Terrify Your Poor Brain

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Everything Is Ruined

Caption that reads, "When you accidentally type a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence" above a stock photo of a guy with his head in his hands and text that reads, "Oh no my aloof and uninterested, yet woke and humorous aesthetic"
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Tell Me Why

Tweet that reads, "A quick grammar lesson! Doesn't = does not; they're = they are; you're = you are; my fire = the one desire; believe = when I say; I want it = that way
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