I'm So Proud of Myself!

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Created by gamer-fan

She Said it Still Counted

school grades test mom - 8390437120
Created by LowTech

"Market Fluctuations"

Actual Advice Mallard grades craigslist video games school PlayStation 4 xbox one - 8329411328

Parents Have So Many Reasons

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Created by Unknown

Feels Great!

grades test everything went better than expected exams - 8193173504
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School Grades: Rage Edition

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Created by ariel11563

What Are the Odds?

school grades girls perspective - 8149031424
Via Acid Cow

Screw That

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Created by KingKool720

The Way the World Works

grades funny g rated School of FAIL - 7991515648
Created by Unknown

Misplaced Happiness

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I'm Waiting...

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She Don't Need Your Advice, Women!

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Created by MickeyHouse ( Via johnsu )

Studying? I'll Be Busy....

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Created by Unknown

But I Wanna Know!

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No Way This Happened!

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