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Lazy student refuses to participate in group project, cries to teacher when he gets an F: '[He] tried to blame us for him not participating'

You snooze, you lose
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'I am embarrassed for his teacher': Parent complains about nonsensical grading rubric for eighth grader son's school project

These don't make sense
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Student Memes For High Schoolers Trying to Survive Monday

School days, school days
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Academia Memes for Struggling Students and Scholars

There's a lot I miss about being a college student. It was a transformative period in my life. I spent years studying a field that I'm passionate about, met a lot of wonderful people, and figured out what I wanted to do with my life. That being said, I do not miss essays, exams, or randomized group projects in the slightest. I can't imagine the amount of stress that individuals pursuing a graduate degree or Ph.D. face. I could hardly handle my last few semesters of undergrad. You're telling me…
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College Memes for Suffering Students

College life. What we’re told is a chance to pursue your passions, secure a future career, and make incredible memories ends up being not so much that. College is stress distilled. Constant work, demanding professors, and indecision about your major guarantee at least one existential crisis by the end of the first semester. Add awful roommates and financial concerns to that, and you’ll quickly wonder why you chose to go to university in the first place. But, hey, it’s not all bad! Once you iron…
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A compilation of memes themed around college and university

Memes For Broke College Kids

“College was the best part of my life” is a sentiment often expressed by weepy alumni. It can be a lot of pressure for college students to have the best time ever because college is supposedly the best part of their lives. I sometimes wonder whether college was the best part of my life, and it's all downhill from there, and I must answer that with a decisive no.
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Student Sparks Debate by Revealing That They Use AI to Write Essays

Never learn again
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*Zoom Edition*

Funny meme about wanting to get good grades in school but getting distracted by everything | Me: ima get these grades & get my education *me watching the lights flicker in class
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Clever Kid

Caption that reads, "If I was a teacher, I'd give this kid an A" above a pic of an elementary school exam where the teacher asks students to defend their answers; kid responds by drawing a military guy 'defending' the word 'Answer'
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Tweet that reads, "Isn't it wild that the ballots from all 50 states can be counted in one night but my professors can't get my scantron graded for two weeks"
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Brandon Better Have Gotten An A

Caption that reads, "Probably the best essay introduction I've read in a while" above a ridiculous intro to an essay about Rosa Parks written by a high school student
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Great Job

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Think Again

FAIL fire grades - 8996553728
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Nicely Done

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Better than expected

grades everything went better than expected - 8582587904
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Math Test Results

grades everything went better than expected math test rage - 8573912320
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