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A Treasure Trove of Gems From the Petty World of 'Nextdoor'

The best of 'Best of Nextdoor'
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The Saga of Trisha Paytas Quitting Frenemies

Is it really over?
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20 Gold Posts From The Nextdoor App

'When neighbors start talking, good things happen'
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Twitter reacts to allegations of Armie Hammer's cannibalistic sexting, direct messages, twitter reactions, funny tweets | Me: I wonder how tumblr is reacting to the armie hammer stuff? Tumblr: cannibal armie hammer mood board by yours truly | rae @rachellobaugh no one: armie hammer: I am going to create a horny dm that is so cannibalistic

Armie Hammer's Kinky Cannibalistic DMs Are Freaking Twitter Out

Whoa there, Armie
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Funny twitter reactions and tweets about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West getting a divorce, gossip, relationships | Kim Kardashian and Kanye West reportedly divorcing. At this difficult time, please give them the privacy and space they need to make a reality TV show and album about the breakup. | Jenna Danyellow Snow @Damnyew The second they posted these, claiming Kanye was inside, is the exact moment the jig was UP

24 Hilarious Twitter Reactions To The Kim & Kanye Divorce Rumors

Twitter's got jokes.
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Why Is This So Accurate

Funny meme that reads, "Elon Musk and Grimes are just Kardashians for Rick and Morty fans" above a still of a comedian saying, "Never before have I been so offended by something I one hundred percent agree with"
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Nothing Causes More Suspense!

Funny tweet about 'exciting' gossipy texts you get from your friends
Via MrsClaus

Gimme That Good Sh*t

Object-label meme where the damn represents "I don't like to gossip" and water coming out of it represents "But..."
Via oddments

It's A Win-Win Situation!

Tweet that reads, "Having a boyfriend is great because I always have someone to gossip to and he won't tell anyone because he wasn't listening in the first place"
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secret gossip - 8567052544

A Lesson We Should All Learn

school friends gossip - 8541852416

Visiting Old High School Friends

friends gossip Pie Chart - 6930644224
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What girls do at sleepovers according to men

girls gossip lesbian men Pie Chart sex sleep - 3615353600
Created by Unknown

Do I Look Like a Psychic?

psychic gossip - 7168286464
Created by HappyRespawn

You Couldn't Think of a Better Location for That?

bathrooms gossip middle school Pie Chart truancy story - 5747969536
Created by MGCAngel8

This Is the Sound of Sexism

chinese gossip japanese language noisy Rage Comics woman - 5849785600