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Woman Splits Opinion Enacting Fishy Revenge On Ex

That's dedication, alright
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Guy Gets Girlfriend Identical Gift To Last Christmas, Realizes He’s Not Alone

Bonus points for imagination
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Funny tweets about being in a relationship | Matthew Broussard Following @mondaypunday moved with my girlfriend after 1 year. People say rushing but both so love with saving $900/mo. 3:22 PM 4 Jul 2017 15 Retweets 171 Likes

15+ Relationship Tweets That Speak The Dang Truth

Takes two to tango!
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rejection, relationship, fail, down bad, twitter, friendship, text

15+ Rejections That Sting Like They Happened Personally

Taking an L never seemed so cringeworthy.
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Funny tweets about Jeff Bezos girlfriend Lauren Sanchez flirting with Leonardo DiCaprio

Jeff Bezos' New Girlfriend Thirsts for Leonardo DiCaprio at LACMA Art Gala

Dream on, sweetie.
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Funny dating memes, depressing dating memes, damaged, ptsd, relationship memes.

Honest Dating Memes For the Start of Cuffing Season

The search begins.
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aita, tattoos, tattoo, anime, bbq, girlfriend, relationship, boss, work, corporate, dress code

Guy Shows Anime Tattoos At Work BBQ, Girlfriend’s Boss Hates Weebs

Not everyone loves Dragon Ball Z.
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Funny text message conversation about Star Wars

Adorably Clueless Girlfriend Tries To Describe 'Star Wars' To Her Boyfriend

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Funny times that peoples significant others did stupid things | tweet by Ria Rechtorovic @3cheers20years My bf brought back jar sea shells his Spring Break trip Florida and idk tell him some are pistachio shells | Tablet This is my wife opened her new cable Camera Computer USB charging

Amusing Times Significant Others Brought the Facepalm

Here we go.
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twitte thread about jealous girlfriend in dms, seltzer ranking | SadeVEVO @fillegrossiere woke up haunted by girl DMed on here say do u know my bf said just mutuals don't really know him she responded and said "well read all ur DMs him went look at my DMs with him and they were us going back and forth ranking seltzer | Miss Mortis @MementoMortis_ Replying fillegrossiere Same energy Can not like my boyfriend's pictures on Instagram? Thanks bf is my cousin lol Agnew Delivered doesn't give right

Insecure Girlfriend Inspires Thread About DMs From Jealous Partners

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funny tweets, twitter memes, trending tweets, twitter, relationships, couples, valentines day, boyfriend, girlfriend, memes, funny memes | I am korean @hxc_clam eyelash headlights gf truck nuts bf | kiko @kikosdream Homophobic bf and "omg babe don't say that!" Gf

Amusing Twitter Meme Pokes Fun At Couple Stereotypes

Memebase gf and Cheezburger bf
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Funny memes about being in a relationship | *Starts playing with her hair* Her: Mike Wazowski eye roll | u don't want cuddle because 's too hot but u still want touch boyfriend frog with its hand on another frog

16 Relationship Memes That Cover All The Ups And Downs

Memes for the taken!
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couples trolling each other | My husband travels work. He gave this sol am never really alone woman holding towel with man's photo printed on it | asked my girlfriend pencils with my name on them Hashtag McYoloSwag

Couples Who Mastered The Ancient Art Of Trolling

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Relationship memes, dogs, cats, animals, spongebob | kiss her on forehead and tell her much she means earthdad: this is so wholesome Finding Nemo baby Dory | small talk bonding over shared interests getting into deep discussions about life while sleep- deprived at 3am sending each other memes with no introduction or context expanding galaxy brain

Sickeningly Sappy Relationship Memes

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Funny memes about dating | Shrek bed sheets go boyfriends house and find this is his bed. Wyd? SHREK tek AMY @fanning_amy Marry him s shreksy time | get upset my crush who doesn't know they're my crush gets involved with someone who isn't played myself im fool im fool man's shoes DJ Khalid

Sixteen Dating Memes Ranging From Cute To Forever Alone

Don't worry, it's not *all* sappy.
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Funny and relatable relationship memes, dating memes, memes about love, spongebob memes, boyfriend memes, girlfriend memes | annoying my partner as soon as they wake up | swole doge vs cheems my gf also my gf a young strong independent woman can take care herself where are my morning cuddles and coffee. Im too weak get up

Relationship Memes To Send To Your Special Someone

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