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Incredulous Exes Share the Worst Ways That They Have Been Dumped

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People Share The Moment They Realized They Were Dating A Dummy

Stupid people are dumb
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Dude Cuts Off His Married Female Friend Because of Jealous Girlfriend

A timeless tale
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Explain Like I'm 35: What is a Beige Flag? (May 28, 2023)

New relationship pathologizing term just dropped
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Manipulative Dude Gets Medical Diagnosis, Berates Girlfriend for Going to Work Event

Was this really necessary?
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People Share Invaluable Advice For Couples Moving In Together

1. Talk it out
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Man-Baby Screams At Girlfriend For Sneaking Vegetables Into His Meals

He's got a flair for the dramatic
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People Share The Craziest Ways They Discovered Their Partners Were Cheating

Did you know that the show Cheaters aired until 2021? Imagine actively watching Cheaters in the 2020s. It's so etched in my brain as one of those relics of early 2000s television, where ethically dubious stars like Chris Hansen thrived. It's fun to catch bad people and expose them for their crimes, so it's no wonder shows of that format were successful. I don't think Cheaters blurred as many lines between the police and reality TV as shows like Cops or the infamous To Catch a Predator . While t…
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Rich Guy Sparks Debate by Making Poorer Girlfriend Split Expenses 50-50

An ethical dilemma
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Dude Goes On Business Trip and His Girlfriend Intentionally Releases His Dog Into Wild

Not acceptable
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Woman Prompts Debate for 'Performance Improvement Plan' That Treats Her Boyfriend Like an Employee

If it works, I guess
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Guy Yells at Girlfriend for Refusing to Stop Contaminating Food, GF Accuses Him of "Fat Shaming"

Ever dated someone who acts like a giant toddler when they're told they can't just do whatever they want? Redditor u/throwawaycakegf 's girlfriend is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. u/throwawaycakegf recently posted to r/AmItheAsshole after getting into an ongoing argument with his girlfriend over some cake mix. In his post, OP explains that he was helping his baker sister with her business by making wedding cake mix at home so she wouldn't have so much to do in the shop. He notice…
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Sappy Relationship Memes to Remind Us There Is Love Out There Somewhere

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Woman Prompts Horror by Testing if Boyfriend Showers With Soap

He's gotta smell
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People Reveal the Wildest Ways That They Found Out a Partner Was Cheating

Pure insanity
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Cringey "I May Not Be the Woman You Marry" TikTok Trend Prompts Mockery and Discussion

They're not like other girls (your wife)
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