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25+ People Who Scored Free Prizes, Food, and Vacations by Outsmarting the System

don't try these loopholes at home
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'These Alpha babies are a new breed': Mom shares 2-year-old's expert drumming skills, impresses the internet

Nepo babies get started early
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27 Amusing & Clever Solutions to Irritating Everyday Problems

They aren't all OSHA certified
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'The squatty potty truly changed my life': 30+ must-have purchases under $150 that are worth the hype

#1 answer = dog
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20+ Ingenious Practical Inventions That'll Leave You Wondering Why You Didn't Think of Them First

Proof that not all superheroes wear capes
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Absolute Legend Explains How They Automated Their Own Job

What if you could get paid to do nothing?
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Mom Comes Up With Ingenious Way Of Calling For Kids In Public

A+ parenting
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Funny prank about replacing ferrero rocher with brussels sprouts | tweet by mcjude done something ingenious wind up my Dad (which is basically my favourite holiday pastime begins like this: essential Waitrose brussels sprouts FERRERO ROCHER

Daughter's Diabolical Christmas Prank is One For the Books

Got him!
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Clever moments of genius, life hacks, fixing stuff, crafty, DIY

MacGyver-Worthy Moments of DIY Genius

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Funny meme about a man creating a beacon to help his uber eats driver find him | Uber eats driver couldn't find this guy's house so Reginald Look to the sky. Follow beacon oh my god see
Via u/eldawi


Funny classical art meme with caption that reads, "Queen: come to bed; King: not until I have a name for my soldiers; Queen: k night; King: babe ur a genius"
Via LifeConfessionguy1
Funny life hacks, minor genius, mildly interesting | walking a dog with a video game controller instead of a leash | donut in a CD box

Nineteen Impressive Moments Of Minor Genius

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Interesting video that shows a woman fitting a too-long object into a box

Video Shows Clever Hack For Fitting A Wrong-Sized Object In A Box

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Funny memes prequel memes star wars memes mace windu saying he's too dangerous to be left alive, samuel l jackson | r/Showerthoughts Posted by Young_Toaster If pee dream and actually wet bed s technically dream come true | /dan/null @NoTalentAC Tip making sex tape, play Disney music background way, if gets leaked online, Disney attorneys will have them all taken down

These Prequel Memes Are All About Strokes Of Minor Genius

He's too dangerous to be kept alive.
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Funny dank meme from 'Top Gear,' entitled "Sometimes My Genius... It's Almost Frightening" Jeremy Clarkson driving | Next time step on Lego will simply get taller bloody genius Sometimes my genius is s almost frightening name cat pspsps so always comes call Sometimes my genius is s almost frightening

Fifteen Dank 'Top Gear' Memes For The Geniuses Among Us

Can you believe this show is from all the way back in 2002?
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Can't Fail

Funny Tumblr post about telling people how ugly you are, only to later reveal that you are okay-looking
Via meowmeowmix
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