He's Very "Special"

wtf genius funny special - 7953864704
Created by Unknown

I Hate My Brain

genius scumbag brain tests - 7953168896
Created by Sgt.Green

I Needed a Hair Cut Anyway

lighter genius - 7945795584
Created by Unknown

How Do I Brain?

homework genius - 7941068800
Created by Kittehlolzrfun

Men Logic

men genius men logic - 6033083392
Created by Unknown

Craftsmanship at Its Finest

genius - 6608128256
Created by Unknown

The Secret to How I Write Rage Comics

making rage comics rainbow guy genius - 7888179456
Created by death_by_rage

... Uhh, He Did It!

drawing kids genius - 7885573632
Created by death_by_rage

The Red (Ink) Badge of Stupidity

class sweet jesus genius - 6538994688
Created by Unknown

A Genius Way to Mow the Lawn

genius there I fixed it - 7854069248
Created by Aeshel

Ur a Genius

idiots genius - 7843235584
Created by Unknown

Someone Give This Person an Award

beer wtf award genius funny - 7843046144
Created by Unknown


yahoo answers genius - 7838837504
Created by mrpotatoes12345 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Let Us Know in the Comments (That Don't Exist!)

comments youtube youtube comments genius - 7816538112
Created by Spencitron

This Teaching Magazine Has a Terrible Understanding of Charts

Chart genius irony funny g rated - 7757971200
Via Reddit

Not Sure if Idiot or Trolling

trolling McDonald's genius - 7782362624
Created by Unknown