Keep Your Ideas to Yourself

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Drunken Genius!

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Wear One Everywhere You Go

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Freezer Rage

cooking genius freezer oven rage - 8151127552
Created by Mister_Frickin_Cat

He's a Genius

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Ash is a Genius

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You Forgot Genius

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The Wonders of Redneck Ingenuity

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The Real Lawnmower Man

wtf lawnmower genius funny - 8094741504

Now That's Some Smart Thinking!

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Just Hold Down Shift

ruler FAIL ms paint genius mouse - 8093637376

Sometimes I'm THAT Dumb

email genius computer guy - 8086296832

This Man Is a Genius

genius funny smart work - 8083534592

Now That's Ingenuity

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Sometimes You Just Have a Good Idea

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Absolutely Genius

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