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Woman finds out that her candidate, Peter Buttigieg is gay and wants her vote back iowa caucus

Homophobic Mayor Pete Supporter Stunned To Find Her Candidate Is Gay

Seems a little late for this.
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Damn, You Gotta Love Lil Nas X

Funny tweet about Lil Nas X taking on a group of very muscular guys
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15 Memes That Roast Brands When Pride Month Ends

15 Memes That Roast Brands When Pride Month Ends

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Tweets about Lil Nas X coming out as gay.

Lil Nas X Just Came Out As Gay & Twitter Is Sharing Support

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The Horror

Funny meme about a child at gay pride wearing Crocs
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fellow kids gay pride funny memes pride bisexual brands corporations pride month gay queer - 8535045

Brands Capitalizing Off Of Pride Month Is Cringeworthy Meme Gold

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Happy Pride!

Funny meme about how corporations try to use gay pride to benefit themselves.
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This Is Way Funnier Than It Should Be

Tumblr post that reads, "Maybe Jesus was gay the whole time and was actually saying, 'Ah, men'"
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j.k. rowling memes

JK Rowling Is Back In The Meme Spotlight For Revealing Dumbledore And Grindelwald's 'Intense Sexual Relations'

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Classic J.K.

Funny meme about JK Rowling.
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34 Funky Memes That Are Perfect For Procrastination

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Deck The Halls

Tweet that reads, "Don we now our gay apparel" below a row of Christmas stockings spelled out as "LGBT"
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cringey wtf cringe rejection gamers cringey af text conversation text message story Story Time lesbian gay - 6944517

Cringey Gamer Bro Goes Totally Nuts After Girl Rejects Him

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Funny meme about how gay people and cowboys refer to inanimate objects as she.
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Queer Eye But Twitter memes.

'Queer Eye But' Memes Put Very Specific Spins On The Popular Show

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never gonna give you up sexual orientation tinder bisexual twitter memes gay straight dating profile - 5751557

'I'm Straight, I'm Gay' Survey Is Inspiring Some Goofy Spin-Off Memes

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