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If the Government Wants to Solve Problems They Better Read This

god wtf government mindwarp gay jk web comics - 8267296256
Created by FatherofGray ( Via Medium )

Stories of My Coworkers

family gay god marriage web comics - 8267590912
Via Pigminted

How I Found Out I Was Gay

gay truth web comics - 8170437888
Via Chaos Life

Probably Not How It Works

fashion kids gay web comics - 8167198464
Via Extra Fabulous Comics

This Seems Like Something That's Happening Today

religion medieval gay web comics - 8152121856
Via Bizarro Comics

Would You Like Treatment For That Burn, And Education For That Ignorance?

club gay web comics - 8083749888
Via Pain Train Comic

Happy Wedding Gay!

puns wedding gay - 7897718272
Via maddishly

Thats My Favorite Hotel!!!

hotel gay - 6858003712
Created by jojodmo2010 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

"Coming Out"

ants gay - 7097497088
Created by Laura


men homophobic seal gay - 7022799360
Created by Jim-Bobert

The Homosexual Agenda

literalism gay symbol rainbow - 7061394688
Via Reddit

Take This Short Quiz!

gay quiz obvious - 7017225728
Created by xyzpdq1

Rave Review!

amazon review gay homosexuality - 6989240832
Created by CPONY4187

Not Just Gay, "Wildly Homosexual"

cult Movie gay - 6938168832
Created by Unknown

But Those Are the Best Parts

gender bender gay manga ladies - 6840931072
Created by RalphHunter

Guess Who Got a New Truck

new gay truck pr0n bumber sticker - 6843140352
Created by Unknown