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The Best Memes & Tweets About 'The Last of Us' Episode 3

We're not crying. You're crying.
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Wholesome & Funny Reactions Parents Had When They Found Out Their Kid Was Gay

I remember when I was in college, I went to a close friend's childhood home for Thanksgiving dinner with his family. My friend was openly gay at school, but he hadn't told his parents yet at the time. While we helped his mom prepare dinner in the kitchen, she told us a story about a kid in her class who was afraid of coming out to his parents. “I just feel so much for this child who believes there's a possibility that his parents won't accept and love him. That must be so hard.” To me, she was…
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A compilation of funny tweets about Daniel Craig's character Benoit Blanc from Glass Onion and Knives Out

Hilarious Benoit Blanc Tweets For Glass Onion and Knives Out Superfans

Why I declare...
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A compilation of tweets about Spotify Wrapped coming out

Funniest Spotify Wrapped Tweets For Listeners In the Top 0.5%

Today is the day we've all been waiting for. Today nosy people can finally definitively know what music has been playing in their friends' and acquaintances' headphones over the last 11 months. Today's the day when you remember why you're not paying $9.99 for Apple Music. Today is Spotify Wrapped Release Day. Every year, Spotify gives you stats on all of the abjectly embarrassing music you've been jamming to since January. It tells you your top songs and artists and even curates a playlist of y…
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A compilation of LGBT memes for National Coming Out Day

LGBTQ Memes For National Coming Out Day

A fun fact about me is that not only am I gay , but I'm also a homosexual. That was my go-to line for coming out of the closet when I was a teenager because I thought taking a comedic approach to tell people about my gayness would ease the awkwardness of the whole ordeal. Spoiler alert: it did not. October 11th is National Coming Out Day, celebrating queer people owning their truth and openly sharing their sexualities. I'll be honest with y'all: I've been coming out for almost nine years, and a…
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Cartoonist Creates Bizarre Comic Claiming Gay Marriage "Won't Fly", Legend Takes to Flight Simulator to Prove Him Wrong

He got told
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Article About Wholesome not homophobic dad who goes to Chick-Fil-A with his lesbian daughter.

Wholesome Dad Reluctantly Goes To Chick-Fil-A With Lesbian Daughter

I'm going to let you all in on a little secret. A lot of gay people do eat at Chick-Fil-A. Don't get me wrong; I don't think supporting homophobic businesses is something to celebrate, but when I'm stuck at a layover at the Philadelphia International Airport, and there's nothing else but Burger King…my allegiance is going to lie with the good chicken. As a gay person, I can tell you that most people who are high and mighty about not eating at Chick-Fil-A are straight. Something in the straight…
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A compilation of the Rosalia Gum Chewing Twitter Memes.

The Most Hilarious Rosalia Gum Chewing Memes

Spanish singer Rosalia went viral on Twitter this week for her exaggerated expressions while performing her song "Bizcochito." Multiple videos have raised of her in different outfits doing the same movement, appearing to be miming chewing gum. The goofy videos have gotten the meme treatment so much that nobody can seem to get Rosalia off of their Twitter feed. If you'd like to consume all of your Rosalia memes in one concentrated gulp, then you've come to the right place.
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Article about Lady Gaga YouTuber Who Turned Into A Christian Influencer.

Former Lady Gaga Superfan Rebrands As Christian Influencer

Who could forget the adorable little boy who starred in his own incredibly passionate viral Lady Gaga lipsync videos? Staten Harry, a Little Monster whose YouTube lipsyncs of Lady Gaga's music went viral in 2018, is back in the discourse for reasons nobody could have predicted.
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A compilation of random memes.

An Inventory of Approachable Memes

Not all websites are straightforward beacons of great content. With many forms of social media, whether Twitter , Tumblr, or Reddit , it sometimes feels like it takes years of feed curation to get to the good stuff. Who and what are you supposed to follow to find the good content on those platforms? I've found that following people with similar tastes but some notable quirks or personality traits you don't necessarily relate to is ideal. When I was on Tumblr as a kid, I followed a bunch of peop…
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Article About Controversy Surrounding Fire Island F- On Bechdel Test Tweet

"F- On The Bechdel Test": Fans of Fire Island Movie Rally Against Writer Who Claims It's Not Feminist Enough

Twitter got a new main character yesterday. Writer Hanna Rosin went viral for her bad take in this now-deleted tweet. The movie in question, Fire Island , is a romantic comedy based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice which follows a group of friends traveling to the titular gay vacation destination of Fire Island. Fans of the movie mocked Rosin for her take that a film about Asian gay men needed to pass the Bechdel test to have any merit. Some feminist film fans use the Bechdel test to determ…
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Couple Breaks Up After Guy Refuses to Let GF Attend Wedding in 'Gay Rat' Meme Dress

There are a handful of unspoken rules for proper wedding etiquette that are mostly just common sense. Don't show up too late or too early. Don't bring a plus-one unless you were offered one. Don't be the most wasted guest at the wedding . Don't make an impromptu speech. And perhaps the biggest faux pas of all—don't wear white. This is probably an out-dated rule, as many modern brides and grooms opt out of the traditional wedding-wear these days, but the intent of the rule still stands. No one s…
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30 Things That Were Totally Gay By Accident (And On Purpose)

Gay memes & things
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A Rainbow Of Memes To Continue Celebrating Pride Month

June is the gayest month.
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Casey Frey Has a Boyfriend and the Internet Has Feelings About It

A win for the gays
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How Brands Expect Consumers to React to Their Gratuitous Pride Pandering

The cringe is real
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