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Woman's Reaction To KFC Biscuit Proposal Is Totally Priceless

She said yes!
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Captured Gamer Sings Song To Save His Life, Wholesomeness Ensues

And they say gaming is violent
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Rollercoaster Passengers Jamming Their Way Out Of A Jam, Set To The Tune Of 'What Is Love'

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'Angry IKEA Guy' Roasts Customers And Becomes Internet Hero

This young comedian is effortlessly hilarious & relatable
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Neo Continuously Throat-Punches Agent Smith In Hilarious Re-edit

This is art
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Broken Air Conditioner Gets Funky As Hell

I can dig it
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Video: Farmer Gives Rhea A Gentle Bonk To Avoid Attack

'I'll tell you what's animal abuse: Kevin hurting me!'
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Video: If Fantasy Characters Made Movies About Our World

Painfully spot on
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That Time Lil' Jon, Xzibit, Snoop Dogg & David Banner Performed As KoRn In 'Twisted Transistor'

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Cracked CanonBall video about Star Wars sex

4 Star Wars Legends Disney Wish Never Happened (Master Bayts and More)

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Video: When The Writers Obviously Want To Kill Off A Character

Hilariously spot-on parody
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Funny footage of Prince playing Basketball during lovesexy tour, charlie murphy story from Dave Chappelle's Show, music, skills

Video Of Prince Playing Basketball Backs Up Charlie Murphy's Classic 'Chappelle's Show' Story

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Funny video about dude from the 90's room who thought that wind turbines cool down the earth, stupid people, facepalm, cringe, lol, science

Watch: Podcaster Roasted For Thinking Wind Turbines Cool Down The Earth

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Video: 'Bongcloud' Meme Opening Marks Epic Moment In Chess History

Few can resist the Bongcloud Attack
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Video: NYC Woman Finds Mysterious Apartment Behind Her Bathroom Mirror

Well that's creepy
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Video: 'The Legend Of Beavis' Is A Perfect Mashup

Featuring Beavis as Link
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