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Guy Does Impeccable Impression of Karen, Sparks Mixed Reactions

Spot on
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People Share the Funniest Scenes From Serious TV Shows

The CW network wins the unintentional comedy award
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Cracked Remade 'The Matrix: Resurrections' for $20

Cracked returns to the The Matrix: Resurrections with only $20 in their hands. After all this time.
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Guy Sets Off Hysterics By Showing Off His Homework From The 2000s

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A Load Of People Doing Things They Instantly Regret

Oh no
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British Train Driver’s Running Commentary Brings Passengers Festive Cheer

Bless her
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If Crowdfunding Sites Were Honest

What would happen if crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Indiegogo and others were actually honest? They probably wouldn't raise any funds at all.
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Humor-Filled Moments of Mortified People Dying Inside

Oh, the schadenfreude.
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Massive Thread of People's Favorite Short & Funny Videos

Pretty damn entertaining.
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Funny video of grandma taking first tequila shot, tiktok, twitter, birthday shots, reactions

Granny Takes First Tequila Shot Like a Champ, Proves You're Never Too Old to Party

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God's not dead, Jordan Breeding, Cracked, God's not dead movie timeline

I got thrown into a secular prison until I explained the entire God's Not Dead movie timeline (1-4) | Cracked

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Cracked Used Math to Prove James Bond is an Alcoholic Sex Addict

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Cracked explores weird crossovers in film and television history, CAnonball

4 Bonkers Crossover Events That Put Avengers To Shame

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School Plays & Musicals Gone Entertainingly Wrong: A Thread

'High School Musical,' eat your heart out
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Demi Adejuyigbe Wishes Everyone a Happy September 21st for the Last Time

We will always remember
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funny Funny Videos youtube youtube videos David After Dentist classic interview - 107424001

David Reveals What the Dentist Gave Him in the Classic YouTube Video

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