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Marriage-Ruining Freudian Slips From 'Family Feud'

Big yikes
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Humor-Filled Moments of Mortified People Dying Inside

Oh, the schadenfreude.
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Cracked Remade 'Loki' with a Budget of Only $20

And the results are pretty amusing
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Avengers Lookalikes Are Eating Together on TikTok and It's Pretty Wholesome

One for the Marvel fans
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Locksmith Calls BS On YouTuber's Lockpicking Videos, Loses $75 Bet

LockPickingLawyer FTW
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KYM Explains Why Vin Diesel Is So Obsessed With Family in These 'Fast and Furious' Memes?

But who needs answers when you've got family
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fast and furious, f9, funny, funny videos, youtube, cracked, comedy, satire, remake, memes

Cracked Remade 'F9' With a Budget of Only $20

And it's pretty damn good
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Drunken Dumpling Thieves Caught on Camera Raiding Popular Noodle Spot

You can't fry a dumpling in cold water
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Masked Vigilante Attempts to Snuff Out Olympic Torch With Water Gun

'End to the olympics!'
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One of the Dumbest 'Hacking' Scenes in the History of Television

At least no one says 'I'm in'
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Madlad Demonstrating His 'iPhone Quick-Draw System' Is the Stuff YouTube Was Made for

A little slice of classic YouTube
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How Brands Expect Consumers to React to Their Gratuitous Pride Pandering

The cringe is real
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Video: Snoop Dogg Realizes He Accidentally Left His Livestream Running for 8 Hours

Short and sweet
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Video: What Speedrunning Is Like From the NPC's Perspective

Joel Haver's viral animations are inspiring others
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How Every Conversation Will Be For The Next Few Months

Small talk in the time of Covid
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Cracked Fixed Mortal Kombat (2021)

We'd watch the crap out of this version
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