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Sign that has a pic of a smiling shiba inu with text that reads, "Have you seen him? Now you have :)"
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14 Hysterical Flyers That'll Make You Chuckle And Then Immediately Say 'WTF'

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32 Terrible English Translations That Deserve A Pulitzer Prize

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Indian Hills community center, colorado, funny signs, puns.

Indian Hills Community Center Serves Up Some Seriously Punny Signs

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That Is Technically A Solution

Sign that reads, "Polar bear in the area! Use extreme caution when headed outside! Go with a "slower" coworker"
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Well, They Weren't Wrong

Sign that reads, "Please check if you flushed, thank you!" People wrote check marks all over it
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Caption that reads, "I'm going to be really impressed by the people who can lift a box like this" above a sign that says 'heavy' with an illustration of two guys who look like they're lifting up the box with their boners
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Sign that reads, "Birds aren't real - Wake up, California, birds = government surveillance drone"
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We Thought It Was Funny

Funny meme about condiments, fast food, joke, sex.
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Sign on the wall that says, "Dance like no one is watching" right below a very obvious camera
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You're Going To Jail, Kid

Sign that says "No drowning" above a stock photo of a kid drowning and police fish from Spongebob running in to arrest him
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27 Funny & Misguided Signs That'll Get Your Head Shaking

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Hey Bub

Men's room sign that's been turned into 'X-Men' - someone drew claws on the symbol for the man standing next to someone in a wheelchair
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Ok Carry On Now

Sign that reads, "ATTENTION!!!" above a pic of an Asian man, above text that reads, "Thanks for your attention"
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Gosh Darn it

Caption that reads, "I hate it when you see a sign and suddenly your plans are ruined" above a photo of a sign that depicts a person riding a triceratops with an X over it
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