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Straight Ouch

Caption that reads, "Me to my crush: I think I have feelings for you; My crush: ..." above a pic of a shopping center sign that says "Big K"
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Don't Sneak Up On Me Like That, Christ

Caption that reads, "Jesus scares" above a pic of a church sign that appears to read the same, next to an illustration of Jesus sneaking up on Mary as if to scare her
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RIP Pete

Sign that reads, "This is a velociraptor-free workplace - it has proudly been 6 days since the last incident" with a small pic of a guy and a post-it next to it that reads, "We miss you Pete"
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Thanks Cloakman!

Neighborhood sign that warns people about "Cloakman," imitating a neighborhood crime watch sign
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Well, That's One Way To Put It

Pic of a sign that reads, "Butt nuggets for sale, fresh" with a pic of a chicken
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Caption that reads, "You, a weakling: Pillow fight; Me, strong: ..." above a pic of a burnt-out sign that reads, "Mattress War(ehouse)"
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Fake sign of free dog names, that lists different absurd dog names including "Sand" and "Dr. Mustache"
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Wow, Rude

Caption that reads, "Hard to believe I'm being discriminated against, even in today's society SMH" above a pic of a sign that reads, "No garbage in restroom please"
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Every Time

Caption that reads, "Me: hey; Crush: ..." above a sign that reads, "Zero percent interest"
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Please I'm Begging You

Sign that reads, "What kind of train eats too much? A chew chew train ahahaha. Omg please call me I'm so lonely, I need friends"
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That Was The Sh*t

Sign that reads, "I've spent my whole adult life chasing the high of a Scholastic book fair"
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Sign that has a pic of a smiling shiba inu with text that reads, "Have you seen him? Now you have :)"
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