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British Headlines That Are Far Funnier Than They Are Newsworthy

Contrary to popular (American) belief, not all news across the pond is about Brexit. It doesn't matter where you are in the world—a small town is going to report on small news, and a lot of it can be pretty amusing. Pie shortages, suburban turf wars, illegally imported sprinkles, old men yelling at clouds—global mainstream media could never top the charm of local news stories about ordinary people. Twitter account @CrapLocalNews does a great job of archiving all the weird and comically mundane l
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yikes, twitter, news, fail, the onion, funny headlines, facepalm, parody, satire, memes, lol, stupid people, gullible, fake news, funny tweets, fake headlines, satirical |  Onion @TheOnion Am Immortal Screams 90-Year-Old British Woman Embarking On Epic Post- Vaccination Bender TheOnion umm this is fake news did not happen. are talking about picture is right there | THEONION.COM City Chicago Working Around Clock Clear 18 Inches Bullet Casings Streets 102 13 Comments O Like Comment This is fake,

Poor Fools Who Fell For The Onion's Satire

And other satirical publications
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A Marvelous Mix of Memes for Humor Fiends

Time for a little history lesson. On January 23, 2012 at 2:15 UTC, a little boy named Ian Davies posted his best friend's yearbook portrait taken at Archbishop Hoban High School in Akron, Ohio. The boy pictured was Kyle Craven, better known to the internet as Bad Luck Brian . Kyle's dopey smile and red nose were so offensive to the school principal that they made him retake the photo. But it was too late. Ian had already scanned and posted the photo to the internet. Little did Kyle know, he was…
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Random Memes That Are Just Begging to Be Stolen

Let the memes take over your phone
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funny pics, fail, facepalm, facebook, stupid, funny memes, funny headlines, memes | Sculpture Becomes Potato Head After Botched Restoration Work Spain | man badly photoshopped into a group photo

25 Bold Attempts That Totally Failed

At least the results are funny as hell
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Embarrassing Moments & Blunders Full Of Facepalm

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Funny Comments, Facebook, Twitter, Funny Headlines, Satire, The Onion, Parody | Here is ladies and gentlemen website hiring professional protesters s not conspiracy theory PROTESTJOBS.COM Professional Protesters ire startin 9! This is satire site and conservatives are idiots thinking its real | Toy Genocide Disney Under Pressure Remove Woody Toy Story Crimes Against Native Americans Satire prageru don't fight real evil and real racism oppose Woody Toy Genocide Toy Story.

30+ Credulous People Who Fell For Obvious Satire

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Past Posts & Opinions That Aged Like Spoiled Milk

Big oof
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15+ Mental Headlines Imported From the UK

Not the Onion, we swear.
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32 Bizarre & Comical Headlines Worthy Of Face-Palmage | STYLE+BEAUTY Texas woman arrested marijuana takes mugshot, gets requests makeup tips By Nicole Darrah Fox News Marshala Perkina, 19 arrested marijuana possession February. After her mugshot posted Twitter, people began ask her makeup tutorials | Legal Journal serving Madison Alton attorney accidentally sues himself Emert By Steve Korris chosen Centerre Title- company Wyss owned- Alton attomey Emert Wyss close

32 Weird & Facepalm-Worthy Headlines

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Funny headlines about "Florida Man" | Florida Man Accused Attacking Girlfriend With Banana Thursday, Jan 2,2014 Updated 3:03 PM EST Recommend 3.2 Send 8+113 View Comments (99) Email Print Twoet 232 Pasco County Bhes Offioe | Florida man climbs atop playground equipment at Clearwater park, tells kids where babies come

Florida Man Headlines That Serve Up The WTF

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Florida Man, Florida people, florida headlines, florida memes, crazy people, olive garden mug shot, pasta, florida man pasta | black panther Someone: acts normal Florida don't do here | FOX 61 News Florida man arrested outside Olive Garden after eating pasta belligerently

Freaky And Funny Florida Memes & Headlines

Wild stuff
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not the onion, headlines, funny headlines, news headlines, memes, funny memes, twitter memes, funny tweets, wtf | Sadly, not Onion @theon1on Marvel names new characters "Snowflake" and "Safespace" | Anti-gay Hungarian politician József Szájer resigns after being caught attending 25-man orgy breach COVID-19 rules

Ludicrous Recent Headlines That Are 100% Real

Surprisingly not The Onion
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millennials, funny headlines, cringe, fail, facepalm, memes, funny comments, covid-19 | bitmap mercenary @wehpudicabok fucking pay us maybe FOOD DO MILLENNIALS EVEN EAT FOOD? Contradictory studies claim they're shopping fewer groceries but also dining out less | MILLENNIALS 'KILLED' THESE PRODUCTS, BUT COVID-19 BROUGHT THEM CK American cheese, napkins and golf are all enjoying resurgence f By Adrianne Pasquarelli. Published on May 20, 2020. NOT DEAD

30 Times Millennials Were Blamed For Ruining Everything

Those damn Millennials killed every industry
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cover image meme about Millennial's living and lifestyle | customer service employee: sorry can't do s company policy millennial: aw, ok baby boomer: sin Cos tan y= ax bx x, x b±4 2a as math lady | Guy: millennial fire department Lady: help, my house is on fire Guy: ummm Lady sigh* come thru 's #lit Guy: oh sht omw 100 shutter

17 Millennial Memes That'll Inspire You To Kill Every Industry

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Life Hack

Funny headline that reads, "Guy checks a single can of beer after airline told him he couldn't board with it" Airport conveyor belt
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