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Normal Woman Orders a Steak, Irrational Mother-In-Law Flips Out Over Portion Size

Now, I don't have the biggest stomach of all time, but when I go out, I'll order what I order based on what I want. Maybe I worked out that morning; I'm going to order something heavy and hearty. Maybe I'm not feeling particularly peckish, so I'll order something light. That's my decision and unless it goes against a strict dietary restraint, then I'm going to make my own choice as to what I eat. In a thread on the /r/amitheasshole subreddit, user /u/dragonflysouth4310 explained the dilemma tha…
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25 Vegetarian Food Memes for Plant-Based Food Lovers

Being a vegetarian isn't easy. You must make appropriate changes to your everyday consumption with any dietary restrictions. In the case of vegetarianism , it means no meat. That's stating the obvious, but until you've stepped into the shoes of a vegetarian, it's difficult to fully realize how limiting that can be. Meat is the norm in so many cultures. With American food, it's near impossible to avoid. Imagine going to a restaurant, perusing the wide variety of the menu, and then realizing you'…
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"Y'all really be living IBS free": Viral Midwestern Recipe for McDonald's Dessert Casserole Generates Mixed Opinions

It... could be worse
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Preposterous Food Items That Defy the Limits of Edibility

Tuck in
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Woman Puts Veggies in All Her Food So Roommate’s Kid Will Stop Eating Her Leftovers, Entitled Mom Calls Her ‘Greedy'

The audacity is unreal
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Burger Lovers Debate the Etiquette of Trying Your Partner's Food Without Asking

Everyone's "not hungry" until the takeout gets here
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20 Gracious Grandma Memes for Folks Who Love Their Family

There's nothing sweeter than a gracious grandma. They're there to talk to you, comfort you, cook for you, and love you. While they weren't always the most exciting trips, visiting grandma as a kid was always a treat. While your parents are responsible for raising you , grandmas are responsible for treating you. Great gifts, copious amounts of food , coddling you, and, if you're lucky, a little bit of money slipped into your hand as you leave her house. Now, my grandma was nothing like this and…
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Perplexing Recipe Substitutions That Definitely Didn't Become Something Delicious

Bad chefs, bad chefs everywhere
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25+ Spicy Pizza Memes In 30 Minutes or Less

Growing up, pizza was one of the best things in the world. It was more than just delicious, the presence of pizza often signaled a good time. Cheap, but tasty Little Caesar's at sleepovers, pizza day in the school cafeteria, eating a big pie with your soccer team after a win. Pizza is nostalgic, it's a core part of so many people's childhood. That's not to say pizza has no place as an adult. Ordering a pizza for delivery is a convenient and tasty experience . It's good in a pinch or when you do…
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Memes To Scroll Through On The Porcelain Throne

I often find myself wondering, “how many precious moments of my short life have I spent scrolling through my phone on the toilet? How many hours have I wasted pushing digested food and drink out of my body?
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Explain Like I'm 35: What is Girl Dinner?

Why must we gender our eating habits
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People Discuss Irresistible Restaurant Menu Items

Irresistible menu items galore!
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39 Memes for Individuals Looking for an Ounce of Entertainment

Happy Wednesday meme lovers and web denizens! We're back again for a midweek treat in the form of a few dozen funny images ! If you're a half-glass-full kind of person, maybe you love Wednesdays. At that halfway point in the work week, just a few more hours until you're over halfway to the weekend. Maybe you're a more pessimistic individual and you're dissatisfied because you're ONLY halfway through the week. Personally, I have no opinion on Wednesdays. They are thoroughly average in my book. L…
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35 Fantastic Memes for Internet Fanatics

Happy Monday morning, meme lovers and jokesters ! It's that special time of the week when we're all miserable and need a little something to improve it. Luckily, we're here to give you just that! Hating Mondays is a trite sentiment at this point, but everybody wouldn't be saying it if it wasn't true. The start of the week isn't very fun. The whiplash between a beautiful Sunday evening and a terrible Monday morning office entry is tremendously rough. So even if it's a cliché and the catchphrase…
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27 Michelin Star Food Memes For Hungry Foodies That Are Constantly Eating

Nom nom nom
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People Discuss What It's Like to Grow Up Poor

If you know, you know. Growing up without a lot of money is a pretty specific experience. Obviously, the degree to which you experienced financial woe is a sliding scale. No one person's experience is the same as the next. The main things that I remember, at least from childhood, are things like utilizing the free lunch program at school, receiving ridicule for what I was dressed in, never taking a vacation, living off the least expensive food possible, and having the not-so-quality house that…
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