Story about a rude manager who rudely pressures employee to eat lunch with their coworkers

Rude Manager Pressures Employee To Eat Lunch With Their Coworkers

Remember the days when finding the right place to eat lunch in the cafeteria was the most high-stake decision you could make? When you're in school, it really is critical to find a group and stick with them during your 45 minutes of freedom. If you don't have a group you can tolerate eating with every day, you might end up eating lunch in the stairwell, which I definitely did not do during my sophomore year of high school. Luckily, eating lunch alone is a lot less of a big deal when you're an a…
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People on Twitter share their most unpopular opinions about food

20+ Unpopular Food Opinions That Serve Up the Controversy

Christopher Nolan's Batman films have long been revered as masterpieces, at least in the area of superhero movies. While the pictures have definitely had an impact on culture (for better or for worse), we always find ourselves coming back to the following quote: "Some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn." The quote has its literal meaning, but we find it to be extremely appli…
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Parents Reveal Clever Hacks For Duping Kids Into Eating Healthy Foods

Why eat broccoli when you could have dinosaur trees?
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A compilation of memes about and for fast food workers

Fast Food Worker Memes For Unappreciated Employees

On Christmas Day, customers usually have enough shame to not show up at a fast food place. They ask insecure questions about when the company lets the employees go home. When you deliver the sad news that you're working until closing, they retreat to their table to eat their McChicken with embarrassed expressions. Unfortunately, during Thanksgiving, customers have a lot less shame. They find it incredibly quirky to go to Popeyes for Thanksgiving instead of cooking a homemade meal. Working in fa…
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Guy Yells at Girlfriend for Refusing to Stop Contaminating Food, GF Accuses Him of "Fat Shaming"

Ever dated someone who acts like a giant toddler when they're told they can't just do whatever they want? Redditor u/throwawaycakegf 's girlfriend is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. u/throwawaycakegf recently posted to r/AmItheAsshole after getting into an ongoing argument with his girlfriend over some cake mix. In his post, OP explains that he was helping his baker sister with her business by making wedding cake mix at home so she wouldn't have so much to do in the shop. He notice…
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The Most Amusing Pancake Memes in Time for Pancake Day

Flip it
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Funny memes about food

A Hearty Helping of Delicious and Deranged Food Memes

Food. Sure, we have to eat it to survive. But the acts of eating, cooking, and even simply buying food go far beyond function. Food brings people together, it's something universal that we share with one another. And while we all have our own food preferences and allergies, many of us use food to express love and affection for each other. When there's something to celebrate, we usually go out for a fancy meal or enjoy a home-cooked feast with loved ones. Food is an experience, it's culture, and…
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30-Year-Old Babies Refuse to do Dishes, Leaving Disgusting Sink For Other Roommate

It is not hard to be a good roommate. You do your dishes, clean the apartment, avoid being disruptive , and communicate. That's all it takes. Unfortunately, some people cannot execute the most straightforward tenant of being a good roommate, which in my opinion, is doing the dishes. Washing dishes is so easy, and it baffles me that this is one of the most argued-about topics among roommates. On one hand, it makes sense. If your roommate doesn't do their dishes, you will know. The tangible proof…
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Hilarious And Gross Food Images That Might Spoil Your Appetite

Children have incredibly creative minds and use this creativity in numerous ways. At my elementary school, the innocents used their childlike wonder to create the grossest monstrosity of food ever concocted. This activity was usually limited to kids who bought lunch at the cafeteria. It's much more complicated to play with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and carrot sticks than it is to mix school milk with a fruit cocktail. Chicken strip day was always the grossest. People would pour strawbe…
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A compilation of memes about food and eating

Food Memes That Are Both Silly and Succulent

Do y'all remember when the concept of bacon was the biggest meme in the world? 2012 was truly a time to be alive: A time when memes were so simple that a popular food could dominate the landscape of popular memes for over a year. Now don't get me wrong, I like bacon. It's the only meat that I would miss if I followed the dietary restrictions put forth by the Old Testament. That being said, even as a meme-obsessed teen, I found the bacon thing to be a bit much. The bacon meme extended far beyond…
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A compilation of funny and random memes

Memes To Comfort You in Times of Need

We all need comfort every once and a while . We can't just walk around like husks of human beings with our emotional support needs staying completely unmet. That's not realistic. Usually, we defer to our friends, families, and lovers for comforting us in times of need. But that can be a little difficult and vulnerable to ask for. When nervous about burdening others with my emotional needs, I tend to turn towards movies, TV shows, ASMR-tists, and memes to help me get out of dark times. If I'm in…
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20+ Piping Hot Pizza Memes for National Pizza Day

Papa John would be proud
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Neckbeard Reveals He Never Washes Ramen Bowl, Horrifies the Internet

Are you familiar with the concept of seasoning cast iron cookware? The intention behind the process, which is essentially baking oil into the cookware, is to make it a nonstick surface and to help protect it from rusting. People are pretty intense about their cast iron, which probably explains all the memes against washing the cookware in a dishwasher or (gasp!) using soap. Contrary to what some may believe or tout on the Internet, it's OK to use a little soap on cast iron, as long as you reple…
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People Discuss The Ingredients That Ruin a Sandwich

Choosing the right ingredients for a sandwich is essential, and even when you do everything right, your sandwich can still end up gross. I've made many questionable sandwich-topping choices throughout my life, and I'm at peace with that. I spent at least a calendar year ordering burgers with only pickles and onions on them; I can only imagine what my breath smelled like during that year. I also regularly got black olives on my sandwich when I went to Subway, and let's just say I wouldn't make t…
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28 Memes To Fill Your Precious Moments on Earth

Is this how you want to spend it? Absolutely.
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Former Restaurant Worker Reveals Juicy Secrets of the Industry

There are many
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