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Guy Gets Order Rejected At Dairy Queen, Is Tickled By Employee’s Response

At least he was honest
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Thread debates whether working in food service or retail is the worse job

People Debate Whether Food Service Or Retail is the More Toxic Gig

They both suck, let's be real.
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Server Enacts Perfect Revenge On Pranking Customer

She won in the end
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Customer Causes Controversy Taking Tips From Dunkin’ Worker Who Refused A Refund

Nobody came out of it looking good
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Jamba Juice Robot Gets Dunked On For Failing Miserably At Its Job

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Chick-Fil-A Employee Shares Weirdest Orders, Wants To Know Why Customers Are Like This

Could they be any weirder?
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Dunkin Worker Starts Controversy By Revealing The Special Treatment He Gives Tipping Customers

Tipping can be an etiquette minefield. How much to pay and what service you should pay for can mean very different things to different people. Not every hospitality worker relies on their tips to make up their wage, but a little extra money never goes amiss. As it turns out, this might buy you some privileges, too. According to Dunkin Donuts employee @jasonmora2 , he treats orders of customers differently depending on whether they tip or not. In a viral video, he demonstrated how the drink of s…
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Informative Twitter thread about what happens to employees in the service industry when they get sick | tweet by Lauren Hough @laurenthehough don't think people realize many service industry workers will continue going work, cooking and serving food, cleaning houses, and selling respirators, with flu-like symptoms because they don't have paid sick days Even companies do offer sick days, best ever had three. So allowed get sick once year. Unless kid got sick and had use days January

Twitter Thread About Sick Days In The Service Industry Is Depressing As Hell

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17 Customer Service Employees Reveal What Really Grinds Their Gears

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17 Funny And Frustrating Memes For Anyone Who Has Suffered Through A Customer Service Job

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How Ya Like Me Now!!!

Pic of a guy with a smiley face taped on his head under the caption, "When your boss says that you need to wear a smile when you're at work"
Via Dwarn44
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The Joys of Working in the Food Service Industry in 35 Memes

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