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Restaurant Workers Share the Most Spectacular Fails From Fresh Hires

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Customer Service Workers Share The Most Haunting Interactions They’ve Had With The Public

Ew, people
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Restaurant Workers List the Most Annoying Things People Say About Their Jobs

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Servers Earn More Than Managers Thanks to Big Tips, Boss Responds by Cutting Wages

Tipping is a strange, yet highly normalized custom in American culture. Do you ever stop and wonder about the origins of gratuity in America? The history is pretty damn dark . Nevertheless, tipping workers for their service is deeply embedded into our society and it isn't going away, unless of course, employers start to pay service workers adequately. This r/antiwork post about how a restaurant decided to cut wages because workers were making too much in tips makes us think that's not going to…
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Entitled Boss Expects Employees to Stay at Work During Unpaid Lunch Break

Employment is pretty simple. An employer is supposed to compensate a worker for their time. When said worker is off the clock, they can do whatever the hell they want with their time. You either pay someone for their time or you dismiss them from their duties. Demanding that people stay at work while they're off the clock? Not to get all hyperbolic, but that lowkey sounds like slavery to me.
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Enjoyable Thread Reminisces On Times Annoying Customers Played Themselves

Serves them right
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Subway Worker Prompts Debate After Complaining About Having To Bake Cookies

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servers, restaurant, food service, tales from your server, tipping, reddit, reddit thread, work memes, customer service, food service industry, yikes, restaurant, covid-19 | r/TalesFromYourServer u/CaptColten 27d Dear guy went on rant about government is gonna track us with contact tracing info Short paid with debit card s s post. 1 2.6k 123 1 Share

Frustrating Service Industry Tales From Disgruntled Servers

In these trying times, don't forget to tip
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Taco Bell Employee Divides Social Media After Fighting With DoorDash Driver

Fast food woes
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Chipotle Dragged for Preventing Customer From Giving Generous Tip to Delivery Driver

Everyone knows that food delivery drivers are some of the most underpaid gig workers in the industry. Many drivers end up earning less than minimum wage. And on top of that, delivering food while navigating apps can be dangerous business. In 2021, The New York Times reported on a survey of delivery drivers facilitated by the Worker Institute at Cornell University. The survey revealed that "42% of workers had experienced being underpaid or not paid at all. Nearly half said they had crashed while…
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Restaurant Server Gets Roasted for Stacking 31 Plates

People were less than impressed
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Woman Gets Called Out For Complaining About Pizza Hut Employee Eating

Not cool
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Innocent Kid Reacts Perfectly to Angry Karen Ranting at Fast Food Worker

By now, we're all pretty used to entitled karens who live to make other people's lives harder. But little kids have a much simpler experience of the world and aren't yet equipped to understand what motivates karens to be so conspicuously unpleasant. Tiktoker @scottyhubs caught his daughter's reaction to her 'first karen' and it's pretty priceless. The video is only ten seconds long, but it's a wonderful juxtaposition of the sweet innocence of a child and the rage that so many adults carry around
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Former Servers Relive the Nightmare of Food Service in Viral Thread

Servers are the unsung warriors of the restaurant industry . On top of being expected to maintain an impeccable memory under extreme pressure, servers have to swallow their pride and put on a smile while taking abuse from unreasonable Karens, splitting checks between dozens of drunk college students, and making sure glasses are never empty. And what do servers get in the end? Just enough tips to pay the rent and years of stress dreams about serving to look forward to. When @roastmalone_ tweeted…
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Woman Roasts Barista For Not Making Coffee To Match Her Foundation Shade

It's very specific
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Guy Gets Order Rejected At Dairy Queen, Is Tickled By Employee’s Response

At least he was honest
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