Caption that reads, "When you try to kill a bug but then it starts flying" above a pic of a guy freaking out
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My Life's Possessions!

Pic of a dog waiting at an airport baggage claim for his stick
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tsa whisper confessions

15 Travelers Reveal Their Most Embarrassing TSA Experiences

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Confessions about social media lies.

21 Sad Souls Reveal Their Social Media Lies

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Funny meme about why you shouldn't fly spirit airlines, comedian Brent Pella.

Comedian Brent Pella Shares Why You Should *Never* Fly Spirit Airlines

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This Captain's Frustrated Flight Announcement is the Equivalent of Your Dad Threatening To Pull the Car Around

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When the First Try Was the Last Try for the Poor Guy

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Fly, Fly Away...Wait Wut

cave funny web comics flying - 8793016576
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Welcome Aboard

gifs flying - 8580293632
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Wait, Come Back!

pokemon memes use fly left behind
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Time to Blow This Popsicle Stand


Maybe Birds Aren't That Special

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Have Fun on Your Next Trip!

driving flying plane crash - 7904658688
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A Rare View of a Goose Getting Lead to Water

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Unbelievable Wingsuit Cave Flight!

cool gifs wingsuit win flying - 7347734528
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Lord of the Blings

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