Flight attendant gives people advice for flying this summer.

Flight Attendant Shares Clutch Tips For People Flying This Summer

If it seems to you like everyone is experiencing flight cancellations this summer, you're not alone. My in-laws, cousins, and some friends all had flights cancelled on them within the last week, and though my flight wasn't cancelled, flying to San Francisco was a total nightmare. Due to staffing cuts at both airlines and airports, and more Americans feeling comfortable traveling during the pandemic, airports are a shitshow. And they're not getting any better. We need to travel smart. And that's…
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People Debate Whether Babies Should Be Allowed On Planes

Nothing more awkward
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Guy Fills Cannoli At Airport Security, Becomes Instant Icon

Meanwhile, in Boston:
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Extravagant Thread Imagines A World Where Airplane Seats Were Soda Dispensers

Ice cold
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Plane Passengers Scandalized By Woman Smoking On Flight

The etiquette of life is pretty different when you’re in the air, full of rules that do everything from stopping people being jerks to preventing the plane from doing a nosedive. If you’ve half-watched the cabin crew do the safety demonstration enough times, one of these that is probably burned into your brain is a variation on the words “ smoking is not permitted on this flight”. However, this doesn’t always mean that people pay attention to it. While it may seem like an obvious rule that appl…
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Passenger Shares Surreal Airport Experience Right Out Of a Videogame

Talk about liminal space.
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Funny screenshots from the subreddit /r/QuitYourBullshit | yearbook photo of a girl and photo of same girl as an adult: careful who call ugly middle school zz No one called u ugly went same school just post ur pic and go. tweet by LilNasX nobody bullied big boy. AJC not angry Lil Nas X addresses those who bullied him coming out

Dimwitted People That Lied And Got Called Out For It

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Funny video of a news report where the anchor talks about a pilot reporting a guy in a jetpack flying close to the plane

Pilot Reports 'Guy In A Jetpack' Flying Dangerously Close To The Airplane

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Funny memes and tweets entitled 'They Fly Now' from 'The Rise of Skywalker'

Stormtroopers Fly Now, According To A New Clip From 'The Rise Of Skywalker'

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Video clip from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Fresh 'Rise Of Sykwalker' Clip Features Flying Stormtroopers

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Funny meme about spirit and frontier airlines and going to miami.
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Times Were Cooler Back Then

Funny meme that reads, "How people fixed light bulbs before Isaac Newton invented gravity" above a photo of a guy fixing a light bulb on the ceiling without a ladder
Via DaShanghaiKid

Please Don't Sit Next To Me

Funny meme that reads, "The look of horror on every passenger's face when children and infants start boarding the plane"
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Funny dank memes entitled, 'Putting on Clown Makeup' | Person - "Yea sure l'll not count as overtime anything say boss s ok because one day be boss don't deserve 15$ an hour work doing anyways Poors who complain need just work harder | Person - "Felt cute might delete later Thoughts and prayers Instagram does not have permission sell or use my photos or conversations

'Putting On Clown Makeup' Memes Are Blowin' Up On The Internet

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Oh What Up

Funny Tumblr meme about two friends who took photos of each other while one was in Toronto on the ground and the other was in an airplane
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Funny meme that reads, "Customer: cargo space? Me: car no do that. Car no fly"
Via ravenflies
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