Rupert Pls

Funny classical art meme using computer-related pickup lines. damn girl are you sitting on an f5 key? because that ass is refreshing. rupert are you a software update? because not right now.
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Dad's Getting Hot

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troll plays dude legendary

Thirsty Dude Goes Nuts After Getting Played By Legendary Troll

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Oh Look It's Me

Cute meme of a guy representing "my crush" holding a dog, which represents "not me" with a sad cat in the background that represents "me"
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Funny dank meme entitled, 'Girl Biting Lip'

'Girl Biting Lip' Memes Are Our Favorite Flirty Gems

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No One Loves Me

Funny meme that reads, "When you don't get the same energy back that you give" above pics of a girl sitting with a balloon and the same balloon, deflated
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Funny science pick-up lines

Science Pick-up Lines Perfect For Some Geeky Flirting

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Funny story about a clueless guy who doesn't get his neighbor's hints that she has a crush on him

Dude Misses His Neighbor's Incredibly Obvious Flirting Signals

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Oh Look It's Me

Funny tweet that reads, "If you think I'm flirting with you, I'm just being friendly. If you think I'm weird and I make you uncomfortable, then I'm probably flirting with you"
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girl wearing multiple towels

Girl Masterfully Trolls Horny Dude With A Multitude Of Towels

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Funny stories of dudes who missed obvious hints.

12 Tragic Times Dudes Missed Ladies Obvious Hints

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I Didn't Mean It

Caption that reads, "When you text them 'Bye! Quit texting me' but you still wait for the three dots to pop up" above a pic of Shaq hiding behind a tree
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Funny and cringey pics

30 Cringey Pics That'll Boost Your Self Esteem

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Time To Make Him Jealous

Caption that reads, "Take the damn picture Brittany. I need to post it to Instagram. Chad hasn't texted me back in three days" above a pic of a hedgehog in a little unicorn pool floaty on the beach
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How Sweet

Text conversation where one person says they want to be more than friends; other person asks if they mean "best friends" and person 1 says no; second person asks if they mean "mega best friends"
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It's All Downhill After 30

Caption that reads, "When you're single and people tell you there's plenty of fish in the sea but your inbox looks like: ..." above pics of very strange-looking fish
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