Oh Hey There ;)

Caption that reads, "Hottest things in the known universe" above a list of "wash, the sun, quasar" and "The girl reading this"
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Expert Deflection

Funny tweet about old man hitting on old woman.
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I'm A Catch

Caption that reads, "Yeah, I'm cute - C:ringey, U:nbelievably annoying, T:rash, E:asy to forget"
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Funny punny meme about ms paint.
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Pls Notice Me

Text that reads, "My version of flirting is looking at someone I find attractive multiple times and hoping they are more brave than I am"
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face mask made of frosting and donuts, cat calling 911 because its food bowl isn't full

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Funny meme about flirting.
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Funny meme about pickup line, dyslexia.
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Would Work On Me

"How to start a conversation with a girl" suggesting that they guy ask her if she likes Bionicles instead of just saying hi
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I'm A Dream Come True

"I heard you like bad girls. Well I'm bad. At everything. *Winks at you with both eyes*"
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things men hate

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Me Trying To Flirt

Funny meme about talking to crush and asking if they like pizza.
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Funny meme about failing at flirting thanks to your brain.
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Teasing For Snickers and Giggles

funny facebook dating image teasing-for-snickers-and-giggles
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